What can you cut with a mezzaluna?

What can you cut with a mezzaluna?

They’re typically used for finely chopping and mincing herbs, aromatics, and vegetables but they can also be used for cutting cheese, nuts, chocolate, and meat.

What is a Mezzaluna knife used for?

The mezzaluna is a tool for finely chopping vegetables or herbs. It is used especially when preparing soups, when adding chopped herbs to a dish like frittata or meatballs, or when preparing salads with vegetables like fennel or cabbage.

Do chefs use a mezzaluna?

Although you may not use a mezzaluna as often as a chef’s knife, it is worth paying for a high-quality blade. Zabar’s, for instance, offers a mezzaluna for less than $10. The blade is thin and light. It slides across herbs and tears the leaves, and you have to work a lot harder to press down.

What size mezzaluna is best?

The Overall Best Single-Blade Mezzaluna Wusthof is a well-known and well-loved brand for knives, and its 9-inch mezzaluna is no exception. The high-carbon stainless steel blade is laser cut in Germany and mounted with two synthetic handles that are compression riveted to the blade’s full tang for a sturdy grip.

Who invented the Mezzaluna knife?

Silvio Pacitti
The concept of serving pizza by the slice is fairly new (post-WWII) but the genetic material for the contemporary circular pizza blade can be found scattered across the past three centuries. Our journey begins with the invention of the mezzaluna (half moon) by Silvio Pacitti in 1708.

What is the meaning mezzaluna?

[meddzaˈluna ] feminine nounWord forms: plural mezzelune. half-moon.

Can you use a mezzaluna to cut pizza?

To use a mezzaluna pizza cutter, just position the blade in the center of the pizza, press it down and rock back and forth. It should cut through both the crust and toppings easily.

Can you cut pizza with a mezzaluna?

If you want long, evenly cut slices, then you’re going to want to invest in a mezzaluna. With a few quick rocking motions you’ll have neatly cleaved your pizza in half—you can continue the simple process until you’ve reached the desired number of slices.

Who invented the mezzaluna knife?

What is a herb chopper called?

The curved blade Nigella uses for chopping is an Italian-style implement called a mezzaluna (sometimes also called a hachoir or a herb chopper). Mezzaluna means “half moon”. The mezzaluna can be single bladed or double bladed and has a handle at either end.

What is a big pizza knife called?

The word mezzaluna comes from the Italian word for “half moon”, because of the curved shape of the blade. Even though “mezzaluna” is the most commonly used English name, it’s also often called a pizza blade, because that’s what it looks like, a huge blade.

When was the mezzaluna made?

Who invented the Mezzaluna? Silvio Pacitti invented the Mezzaluna knife in 1708.

What mezzaluna does Nigella use?

Our answer. The curved blade Nigella uses for chopping is an Italian-style implement called a mezzaluna (sometimes also called a hachoir or a herb chopper). Mezzaluna means “half moon”. The mezzaluna can be single bladed or double bladed and has a handle at either end.

What stand mixer does Nigella Lawson use?

copper KitchenAid stand mixer
Most recently spotted in Nigella Lawson’s TV studio kitchen for At My Table, the copper KitchenAid stand mixer is a must-have for every kitchen.

What cooking utensils does Nigella use?

Cast Iron. For the rest of her cooking needs, Lawson sticks to a tried-and-true brand, Le Creuset. She even divulges which color from the extensive selection is her favorite. “I have a particular fondness for Le Creuset enameled cast-iron cookware…

Which mezzaluna does Nigella use?

What knives does Nigella use?

Nigella told Good Food Australia that she loves to use “a mezzaluna —that half-moon-shaped knife with a handle at either end for chopping herbs (as well as chocolate).” She didn’t say which brand she likes, but we picked this one from Williams Sonoma because it’s incredibly sharp and the beechwood handles are nice and …

Should mezzaluna knives be single or double-blade?

Mezzaluna knives come with single or double blades. Double blades offer quicker cutting times, however, they can get messier than their single-blade counterparts since food often gets stuck between the blades. If you’re set on having a double-bladed knife, look for one where the blades pop out separately for easy cleaning.

What is a mezzaluna?

We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. A mezzaluna is a type of knife with a thick, curved blade (its name means “half-moon” in Italian). It most often has a single blade, but some models have two or even three blades.

How big is the blade on a mezzaluna?

This classic, made-in-Italy mezzaluna from an established, family-owned kitchen supply business features a 9.5-inch stainless-steel blade with twin handles in smooth, shaped beechwood.

What kind of knife do you use to cut a pizza?

This massive, heavy-duty mezzaluna knife from a commercial food service supply manufacturer is designed specifically for pizza cutting. The 20-inch stainless-steel blade has plastic handles at either end for a sturdy grip, and it’s long, sharp, and strong enough to slice even a large pizza in a neat single pass.

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