What caused the flood in 2014?

What caused the flood in 2014?

The extensive floods were caused by a combination of human and physical factors: • A prolonged period of extremely wet weather – in southern England it was the wettest January since records began in 1910 – saturated the ground and led to frequent over-topping of the rivers Tone and Parrett creating a huge lake covering …

What caused the floods in the UK?

Flooding is normally caused by natural weather events such as: heavy rainfall and thunderstorms over a short period. prolonged, extensive rainfall. high tide combined with stormy conditions.

What happened in the Somerset floods 2014?

During December 2013 and January 2014 heavy rainfall led to extensive flooding with over 600 houses and 17,000 acres (6,900 ha) of agricultural land, including North Moor, Curry and Hay Moors and Greylake, affected. The villages of Thorney and Muchelney were cut off with many houses flooded.

When did the river Thames flood in 2014?

February 2014
However, part of the scheme covering Berkshire is no longer going ahead. About 1,000 Surrey homes were flooded and 600 properties were evacuated when the Thames burst its banks in February 2014, following 14 severe flood warnings on the river.

How often do floods happen in the UK?

UK: Vulnerabilities – Present river flood risk UK Moderate risk: flood probability is 0.5% – 1.3% per year (1/200 – 1/75 per year) Significant risk: flood probability is more than 1.3% per year (1/75 per year)

How much rain fell in the Somerset flood 2014?

Across south-west England and south Wales, the 222.6 mm (8.8in) of rainfall up to midnight on Tuesday meant January 2014 was already the fifth-wettest on record. Meanwhile, military planners have met council officials in Somerset over plans to bring relief to villages cut off by recent floods.

Why does the Thames not flood?

How the Thames Barrier works. The Thames Barrier spans 520 metres across the River Thames near Woolwich, and it protects 125 square kilometres of central London from flooding caused by tidal surges. It has 10 steel gates that can be raised into position across the River Thames.

What were the causes impact and consequences of 2014 floods in Kashmir?

Kashmir valley faced widespread floods and landslides due to incessant rainfall and cloudbursts in September 2014. This resulted in localized destruction of property, public infrastructure and severe impact on life, communities, and communication. The problem was magnified in the urban areas and cities.

What are 10 facts about floods?

10 Facts About Flooding

  • Floods are the most common natural hazards in the United States.
  • Floodplains provide roughly 25 percent of all land-based ecosystem service benefits yet they represent just 2 percent of Earth’s land surface.
  • Wetlands in the U.S. save more than $30 billion in annual flood damage repair costs.

How many floods happen a year?

Flood Damage and Fatality Statistics

1 TEXAS 612

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