What countries is Tiffany and Co in?

What countries is Tiffany and Co in?

The luxury jewelry retailer Tiffany & Co. operated 94 stores in the United States as of 2019, more than in any other region or country….Number of Tiffany & Co. stores by region worldwide in 2019, by region.

Characteristic Number of retail stores
Japan 58
Europe 48
Canada & Latin America 30

How much discount do Tiffany employees get?

The discount is 50% off, which is barely anything when the items are so overpriced to start. The management really does not care about you unless you have been there for years. They see you as disposable unless you are one of their favorites or unless you are higher up in the company.

Does Tiffany have a lifetime guarantee?

When you purchase an engagement ring, you become a valued member of the Tiffany family. We pride ourselves on providing continuous premium service, including care and repair, complimentary ring polishing and a full lifetime warranty.

Does Tiffany and Co ship internationally?

Shipping Rates & Times Currently, we are only able to accept online orders to shipping addresses within the United States and do not ship internationally. To ensure the secure delivery of your order, Tiffany & Co. does not ship orders to post office boxes.

Does Tiffany have a store in New York?

Whether you need help finding the perfect gift, celebrating an upcoming milestone or jewelry styling advice, we’re here to help. Tiffany & Co. is embarking on a transformation of its iconic New York flagship store at 727 Fifth Avenue.

Why buy Tiffany&Co jewelry?

Since 1837, Tiffany & Co. has maintained the highest standards in design, materials and craftsmanship, creating jewelry that has been passed down from generation to generation. With some simple, basic care, you can help preserve and protect your jewelry for years to come.

Can I book an appointment online with Tiffany&Co?

Whether you’re looking for product recommendations and styling or customer service and repair, Tiffany & Co. does offer virtual appointments. Book online here and choose the Virtual tab after selecting your store. Can I book an appointment with a sales representative or a Tiffany Diamond Expert online?

Where to shop at Tiffany in Malaysia?

Discover a luxury shopping experience like no other at the new Tiffany store at The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur. Visit us for the latest designs, iconic collections and imaginative installations. Our new collaboration with artist Daniel Arsham is broken, eroded, decaying…and perfect.

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