What did House do in season 8?

What did House do in season 8?

He awakens in a burning building after shooting heroin with his former patient (James LeGros). With his life crumbling around him, House hallucinates people from his past (Braugher, Dudek, Morrison, Penn, Tamblyn, Ward) as he decides whether his life is worth living anymore.

Are House episodes based on real cases?

13 It’s based on real-life medical mysteries. According to co-creator David Shore, House was inspired by two different medical writers.

Who comes back in season 8 of House?

Olivia Wilde, Kal Penn, Anne Dudek, Sela Ward, Amber Tamblyn, and Jennifer Morrison also returned for the finale. Among the story threads that were picked up from Season 7 were: The end of Huddy and the replacement of Lisa Cuddy with Eric Foreman as Dean of Medicine.

How does House end season 8?

House replies, “I’m dead, Wilson”, and asks Wilson how he would like to spend his last months before he dies from his terminal cancer. The final scenes include a montage of House’s colleagues. Chase replaced House as Head of Diagnostic Medicine, with Adams and Park working with him.

Why did House have to fake his death?

Yep, House faked his own death to avoid prison and spend time with his best friend before he died.

When was the Eames Case Study House 8 built?

House: Case Study House 8, 1945-1949 Architect: Ray and Charles Eames Style: Mid-20th century modern Location: 203 North Chautauqua Boulevard, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California The Eames House, Case Study House 8, was one of roughly two-dozen homes built as part of The Case Study House Program.

What is a case study house?

It was one of roughly two dozen homes built as part of The Case Study House Program. Begun in the mid-1940s and continuing through the early 1960s, the program was spearheaded by John Entenza, the publisher of Arts & Architecture magazine. It was developed to address a looming issue: a housing crisis.

Who is Martha Masters on House Season 8?

House (season 8) Amber Tamblyn also appeared briefly as Martha M. Masters for the finale. Jennifer Morrison appeared in the finale in a cameo appearance as Allison Cameron. Anne Dudek, Sela Ward and Andre Braugher also reprised their previous recurring/guest roles as Amber Volakis, Stacy Warner, and Darryl Nolan, respectively.

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