What do the numbers on a Mississippi license plate mean?

What do the numbers on a Mississippi license plate mean?

County number and allocation of Passenger plates appears in the “Notes” section. Passenger and standard Truck plates have the county name embossed at the bottom center of plates. Most Special types do not have the county name, but do have a black on white sticker with the county number.

What is Mississippi county code?

Counties & County Codes

County County Code
02 Alcorn
03 Amite
04 Attala
05 Benton

How do I look up Mississippi license plates?

There are three options for searching.

  1. First, you can apply to the MS Department of Revenue.
  2. Second, you can run a Mississippi License Plate Lookup online.
  3. Third, you can check the details about the vehicle with the help of a private investigator.

Can you paint your license plate in Mississippi?

Such license plate, all characters and any legally affixed decals shall not be defaced, covered or obstructed from view by any object, decal, sticker, paint, marking or license plate bracket or holder.

How many counties are in MS?

82 counties
There are 82 counties in Mississippi.

How much are custom plates in Mississippi?

The fee for a personalized standard plate is $31. The fee for a specialty plate design varies. Tip: Your tax collector’s office should take all standard forms of payment, but it’s a smart idea to bring a checkbook in case they don’t accept credit cards.

How many letters can be on a license plate in Mississippi?

Number of Characters: In Mississippi, they allow a maximum of 7 characters on your Personalized Plate. You can use any combination of Letters A to Z, Spaces and Numbers 0 to 9 .

What is a B20 tag in Mississippi?

I have been running a B20 tag which is an appropriated tag for 20000 pounds. This truck is used to transport my green addiction from place to place. In the past the state has stated you had to buy a tag big enough to cover your total gross weight, they didn’t care if it was personal or commercial.

Where are Mississippi license plates made?

Nova Scotia, Canada
Mississippi plates are now made in Nova Scotia, Canada, according to Department of Revenue spokesperson Kathy Waterbury. DeSoto County resident Dave Stratton leads the Mississippi chapter of license plate collectors.

Are tinted license plate covers illegal in Mississippi?

What are the rules for license plate frames in Mississippi? Mississippi’s state code specifies that “all characters and legally affixed decals shall not be defaced, covered, or obstructed.” This means that license plate frames are legal so long as they don’t obscure the license plate information.

How many letters can be on a Mississippi license plate?

What is a famous person in Mississippi?

Often touted as the “greatest wide receiver” in football history, Rice was born in Starkville. Other famous people from Mississippi include LeAnn Rimes, Lacey Chabert, Oprah Winfrey, Lance Bass, Jimmy Buffet, and Brett Farve – and that’s just a portion of the famous people from Mississippi.

What county is Biloxi MS?

Harrison CountyBiloxi / County

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