What does colour h mean in diamonds?

What does colour h mean in diamonds?

near colourless diamonds
H coloured diamonds are near colourless diamonds which still appear totally white or colourless if they are not compared side by side with higher colour graded stones. The H colour is generally considered the watershed between colourless diamonds and slightly tinted diamonds.

Is I1 I2 clarity good?

I2 diamond clarity represents the second-lowest clarity grade available to diamonds. I2 stands between the I3 diamond clarity grade (lowest) and the I1 diamond clarity grade (better). Diamonds graded I2 clarity feature noticeable inclusions, easily seen by the eye.

Is I color diamond good quality?

I color diamonds are generally considered a great combination of value and aesthetic for use in diamond jewelry. Checkout these 1 carat VS1 clarity diamonds which span the color grades from D – K color in order (all with none fluorescence).

Is I I1 a good diamond?

I1 clarity describes the clarity of a diamond with small inclusions visible to the naked eye. I1 clarity diamonds offer an affordable alternative to high clarity diamonds which demand much higher prices. An understanding of clarity grades will help before buying an engagement ring.

Is H a good color for a diamond?

For other diamond shapes set in white metal, H is the lowest color grade we feel comfortable recommending. For yellow and rose gold, the H color grade is absolutely fine, although you can safely drop down to the I to J range without much of a visual difference.

What is an h grade diamond?

We feel comfortable recommending the H color grade for round brilliant cut diamonds in metals such as platinum and white gold. Set in an engagement ring setting of any style, a well-cut H color diamond can look colorless and absolutely stunning. For colored metals such as yellow and rose gold, the H color grade is also fine.

What color do diamonds look like?

Stones in the I, J, and K range start to look faintly yellow or brown, especially in larger carat sizes. Jewelers can disguise these colors, however, by setting the gems in yellow or rose gold. The color of the metal can make lower grade stones look whiter in contrast.

What color is yellow on a cushion cut diamond ring?

The gold prongs enhance the yellow of this cushion-cut, fancy vivid yellow (2.13 cts, VS1) diamond ring, while the white setting enhances the whiteness of the side stones. © Diamonds by Lauren. Used with permission. Before purchasing a diamond below J in color, keep in mind that the brown or yellow color will be fairly noticeable.

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