What does gest mean in medical terms?

What does gest mean in medical terms?

A suffix used in pharmacology to designate a progestin.

How do you use gest in a sentence?

Use “gest” in a sentence | “gest” sentence examples

  1. Whose gest is highest in knight-errant of respecting gold commonplace, the masses is accepted first is to be in Shaolin Temple low-key those who sweep the floor is anonymous without the monk.
  2. He soon gest used to dormitory life and make two or three friend.

Is gest a Scrabble word?

Yes, gest is a valid Scrabble word.

Where does gist come from?

GIST s happen most often in the stomach and small intestine. A GIST is a growth of cells that’s thought to form from a special type of nerve cells. These special nerve cells are in the walls of the digestive organs.

What is the prefix of Gravida?

grav·i·da. (grav’i-dă) A pregnant woman. Gravida followed by a roman numeral or preceded by a Latin prefix (primi-, secundi-, and so on) designates the number of pregnancies; e.g., gravida I, primigravida: a woman in her first pregnancy; gravida II, secundigravida: a woman in her second pregnancy.

Where does the word gist come from?

Gist was borrowed from the Anglo-French legal phrase laccion gist (“the action lies or is based [on]”) in the 17th century, and it was originally used in law as a term referring to the foundation or grounds for a legal action without which the action would not be legally sustainable.

What words have gest in them?

7 letter words containing gest

  • suggest.
  • gesture.
  • gestalt.
  • congest.
  • gestate.
  • ingesta.
  • largest.
  • ingests.

What does GIST stand for?

GIST stands for Gastrointestinal stromal tumor.

Is GIST a bad word?

Gist is a good word for a summary or important point. Jist is not a good word for those things, as it is not a word at all. One could say that jist is “just wrong.” Jist should not be used in professional or academic writing, as it would be considered a spelling error in these contexts.

What is second gravida?

gravida II – a woman who is pregnant for the second time.

What does gest mean in French?

gestnoun. A story or adventure; a verse or prose romance. Etymology: From geste.

What is the Greek root for mother?


Root Meaning in English Origin language
metr- mother Greek
mic- grain Latin
micr- small Greek
migr- wander Latin

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