What frequency does Sprint operate on?

What frequency does Sprint operate on?

Cheat sheet: which 4G LTE bands do AT, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint use in the USA?

Carrier 4G LTE bands Main frequencies
Verizon Wireless 2, 4, 5, 13, 46, 48, 66 1900, 1700 f, 700 c
T-Mobile 2, 4, 5, 12, 66, 71 1900, 1700 def, 700 a, 600
Sprint 25, 26, 41 2500, 1900 g, 850
Europe 3, 7, 20 1800, 2600, 800

What is the frequency of 4G LTE?

4G LTE technologies brought it additional spectrum and frequency bands, namely around 600 MHz, 700 MHz, 1.7/2.1 GHz, 2.3 GHz, and 2.5 GHz.

What is GSM frequency in India?

Since GSM and CDMA platforms co-exist in India, the 900 MHz band is truncated and called ‘primary GSM’ as the higher frequencies of the 800 MHz band (880-890 MHz) are allocated to CDMA operators. Therefore, the 900 MHz band allocated to GSM operators in India is smaller than the EGSM band available overseas.

Which 4G bands are used in India?

All Frequencies of India

Technology Bands
Bands 4G B1 (2100), B3 (1800), B5 (850), B8 (900), B40 (TDD 2300), B41 (TDD 2500)
Bands 3G B1 (2100), B8 (900)
Bands 2G B3 (1800), B8 (900)

What LTE bands are used in India?

If you are looking to move to a 4G network, then you should find the right compatible 4G LTE capable devices. Indian telecom operators have received spectrum license to operate 4G LTE networks over BAND 5 LTE FDD (850 Mhz), BAND 3 LTE FDD (1800 Mhz), BAND 40 LTE TDD (2300 Mhz) and BAND 41 LTE TDD (2500 Mhz).

Is 3G same as WCDMA?

Though both are developed for mobile communications in the 3G network, UMTS is developed for 3G networks alone, whereas WCDMA is developed for 3G networks and 3G+ networks.

Which LTE bands are used in India?

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