What gun did the KV-1 have?

What gun did the KV-1 have?

76.2 mm M1941 ZiS-5 gun
Kliment Voroshilov tank

Main armament 76.2 mm M1941 ZiS-5 gun
Secondary armament 3 or 4 × DT machine guns
Engine Model V-2 V12 diesel engine 600 hp (450 kW)
Power/weight 13 hp/tonne

Which is better KV1 or KV1s?

Yes, the KV-1 and KV-1S are different tanks. The KV-1 is the tier V Soviet heavy and the KV-1S is the tier VI Soviet heavy leading to the IS-7. And yes, the KV-1S hits like a b****. It’s got a 122mm gun that does 400 damage per shot on average with 160mm of penetration on its AP shells.

How effective is kv1?

However, the KV-1 wasn’t destined to become the best tank of World War II. While perfectly-armored, it was completely technically unreliable. A raw, unfinished design, poor quality of the transmission and shoddy air filter often meant that some tanks didn’t even reach the battlefield and would keep stalling.

How much armor did the KV-1 have?

The KV-1 model 1939 and 1940 The F-32 was able to fire AP (F-342 rounds) and HE shells. The BR-3502 AP rounds were capable of reaching 612 m/sec (2007 ft/s), giving them a 66 mm (2.6 in) armor-piercing capacity at 500 m (1640 ft).

Is the KV-1S good WoT?

The fully tricked-out KV-1S is a very good tank. It’s like a more mobile T-150 but with a playstyle that’s more peek-a-boom than hold-the-line. It’s definitely worth grinding. My advice would be to use free XP until you can mount the 85 mm gun, at least, before going for the top gun, the engine, and then the tracks.

Which is better KV-2 or KV-1S?

TankKilla2 07 Dec 2020. I would definitely choose the KV-1S. It is much more mobile, and is a smaller target, and the gun is very powerful.

Which is better KV-1S or kv2?

I would definitely choose the KV-1S. It is much more mobile, and is a smaller target, and the gun is very powerful.

What gun did the kv2 have?

Completed in two weeks, it had a 152 mm (5.98 in) howitzer with two DT machine guns mounted on an unmodified KV chassis.

When was the kv1 used?

The first KV class heavy tank appeared during the 1939 Winter War with Finland. Like many other Soviet weapons the war with the Finns was to be a proving ground. Development of the KV (Klimenti Voroshilov) began in February 1939. By September 1939 the first tank was built and tested.

How thick was the armor on a kv1?

The front hull armor was 75 millimeters thick, while that on the turret was 90 millimeters, making the KV-1 essentially invulnerable to almost all antitank weapons at any but pointblank range. While thick, the armor was not sloped as on the T-34, limiting the future potential of the tank.

Was the KV-2 a good tank?

The KV-2 had destroyed about two-dozen tanks by the end of the engagement. Although this was a great achievement, the KV-2 was not a practical weapon that could not be used very effectively. The speed and poor traverse of KV-2 made it unsuitable for spearheading attacks in a way that the T-34 could.

Is the KV 5 real?

The KV-5 was a true monster of a tank. Nearly three times as long as a T-34 medium tank, and over twice as high, it dominated the battlefield in more ways than one. While it is slow, the gigantic KV-5 is almost immune to all enemy action and can destroy any enemy tank at long range.

Did the KV-2 ever see combat?

History. The KV-2 was first developed in 1939-1940 and in just two weeks, prototypes had already been produced. The first combat action that the KV-2 saw was in the Winter War against Finland. Here it proved semi effective, but early on problems had arisen.

How many KV-2 are left?

When captured by the Germans, the KV-2 was re-designated as “Panzerkampfwagen KV-II 754 (r).” The turret was so heavy that the tank could tip over if it wasn’t on even ground. 334 KV-2s were produced. There is only 1 surviving KV-2 left in the Central Armed Forces Museum in Moscow.

Are there any KV-2 left?

This Russian Soviet WW2 KV-2 Heavy Tank can be found at the Central Armed Forces Museum, Moscow, Russia. It was manufactured in in June 1941, it has the Serial Number 4744. It was one of the later KV-2 tanks to be produced and is the only surviving example of a complete original tank.

What is KV 44 tank?

The Soviets came up with an idea called the KV-44. It was first used to battle Tankozilla, the Japanese monster tank. But while KV-44 was battling Tankozilla, Steel Demon attacked him, and it was one of Leviathan’s henchmen. KV-44 tried to shoot but Tankozilla shot him before he was going to shoot.so.

Are KV 6 Tanks real?

The best known fake tank The KV-VI, or KV-VI Behemoth, is one of the most famous fake tanks on the internet. A super-heavy tank project armed to ludicrous proportions, with three prototypes claimed to have been built 1941-1942, serving against the Germans near Moscow and Leningrad.

How many KV-2 tanks are left?

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