What gun does the exo stranger give you?

What gun does the exo stranger give you?

The Stranger’s Rifle is a legendary pulse rifle. It is gifted from the Exo Stranger after completing The Black Garden for the first time.

How do you get the no time to explain exotic?

You can get the No Time To Explain catalyst by completing the “Soon” quest, an Exotic Quest that can be obtained from Exo Stranger. The Blast from the Side perk can be obtained after unlocking the No Time To Explain catalyst by defeating 700 enemies with the Exotic Pulse Rifle.

Is Exo Stranger a guardian?

The Exo Stranger is not a Guardian. She has no Ghost to watch over her and no innate means of using the Light. Elisabeth’s ability to wield Stasis is due to utilizing shards of the Darkness itself, which is the same way Eramis wields the Darkness during the Beyond Light campaign.

Is the Exo Stranger a Bray?

During the events of the expansion’s campaign, it would be confirmed that the Exo Stranger’s identity was that of Elisabeth “Elsie” Bray, granddaughter to Clovis Bray, and sister of Ana Bray.

How do you claim Beyond Light strangers weapon pack?

You have to beat the entire campaign of Beyond Light and then speak to the Exo Stranger to earn this weapon.

How does no time to explain?

Generally speaking, the No Time To Explain with the Catalyst installed is more of a PVE weapon. It has strong enough stats to be viable in PVP, but that’s about it. Getting enough precision shots against other players makes Rewind Again a rare perk to trigger.

What is in the Strangers weapon pack?

You will have to purchase either the Digital Deluxe Edition ($69.99) or Stand Edition + Season Pass ($49.99) of Beyond Light. These will both come with the Stranger’s Weapon Pack that contains the exotic pulse rifle.

Can you get no time to explain without Deluxe Edition?

The Only Way to Get One First, players have to have purchased the Deluxe Edition of Destiny 2: Beyond Light or the Standard Edition and the Season Pass bundle. If players preordered the Deluxe Edition, they will get a No Time To Explain Exotic Ornament as well.

What does the NTTE catalyst do?

You can pick up the Soon quest from the Exo Stranger. Complete it to unlock the No Time to Explain Exotic Catalyst. As for what the No Time to Explain Exotic Catalyst does, well, it improves the frequency of projectiles through the Time-Slip. That means you’re getting more bang for your buck.

How many kills do you need for the no time to explain catalyst?

700 enemies
The Catalyst can be further enhanced via an upgrade. Players can obtain this upgrade by defeating 700 enemies using the weapon No Time To Explain. It doesn’t matter who the enemies are or where they’re killed. Just eliminate 700 using the No Time To Explain weapon itself or the time portal.

Does full auto increase fire rate Destiny 2?

Shotguns with Full Auto will now only see an increase of 10 percent bonus firing rate, down from 100 percent. The firing rates of other shotguns are being adjusted as well. Aggressive shotguns are up from 45 RPM to 55 RPM. Precision shotguns are up from 55 RPM to 70 RPM.

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