What happened to the Engineer at the end of Prometheus?

What happened to the Engineer at the end of Prometheus?

At the end of Prometheus, Dr. Shaw took off with a severely injured David in an engineering ship. Although the film never confirmed it, the natural assumption made by most fans was that Dr. Shaw was killed by his hands.

What happened to the Engineer in Alien?

The Engineer later died and birthed a Deacon. In 2094, David arrived at Planet 4 aboard a Engineer ship and bombed an Engineer city with the black liquid, wiping out the settlement and creating Neomorphs. In 2104, the colony ship Covenant, discovers Planet 4.

Why was the Engineer asleep in Prometheus?

OvomorphMember0 XPJul-01-2012 1:34 PMHe may be sleeping because he has no place else to go… either he and his group are rebels against their homeworld, in which case their location is unknown to the homeworld and thus still intact and he’s waiting for rescue by fellow rebels.

Why did the Engineer head explode?

When they awoke the head with the tool they used they had accelerated the process too fast and the Engineers head exploded. Both theories i think show that somehow the Ampule room is able to preserve and but organic matter in a state of stasis.

What happened to the Engineers on LV-223?

What Happened to the Engineers on LV-223? The holographic footage the crew of the Prometheus encounters on LV-223 shows the powerful Engineers panicking and running away. One of the Engineers gets killed by the closing door on his way into the room with the large stone head and urns containing the black substance.

What did the Engineers want in Prometheus?

The woken engineer just wanted to destroy the people waking him and his urgency to act after waking might be a product of wanting to destroy humanity before it gets out of hand (clearly the original plan to test the weapons would have been on a pre-space age planet where the experiments could not escape).

What happened to all the Engineers in Prometheus?

Whatever the cause (presumably revealed in a possible Prometheus sequel), an accident occurred in the facility and the Engineers were wiped out. The dead Engineers found by Millburn and Fifield show signs that they “gave birth” to alien creatures.

Why did the engineer head explode?

What are the Engineers doing in Prometheus?

The Engineers continue to visit Earth to secretly observe the human race’s development. Approximately 2,000 years prior to the Prometheus expedition to LV-223, the Engineers stationed there formulate a plan to wipe out humanity, for reasons unknown, by releasing a pathogen they create for the purpose.

What happened to the Engineers on the ship?

The Engineers on LV-223 were all dead except for one in the temple / Pyramid the Prometheus crew investigated. That one survivor was left in a cryo-chamber asleep. The Hologram recording insinuates all the other Engineers were dead and that none escaped.

What does David say to the engineer?

He told the Engineer what Weyland wanted him to say: [A]ccording to Dr. Anil Biltoo, the film’s official translator and linguistics consultant, David did as he was asked, translating his words as follows: “This man is here because he does not want to die. He believes you can give him more life.”

Why did the Engineers create the xenomorphs?

In Prometheus, the crew that lands on LV-223 and assumes that the abandoned moon was some kind of tactical development outpost for the Engineers, meaning the proto-humans created the xenomorphs as a highly specialized biological weapon to eradicate a planet’s population as they conquered worlds.

What does the Engineer say in Italian duolingo?

cosa dice l’ingegnere? is the most normal way to translate ‘what does the engineer say?_ in Italian. why not “che”? It also accepted “Che dice l’ingegnere.”

What did David say to the Engineer in Prometheus?

Anil Biltoo of the SOAS Language Centre in London, who served as the Linguist Teacher on Prometheus, has revealed exactly what it was that David said in an interview with The Bioscopist (via Ropes of Silicon): “This man is here because he does not want to die. He believes you can give him more life.”

What happened to the engineer in Prometheus?

David woke up the last Engineer on the planet from stasis, which caused him to begin to pilot the ship to Earth, which was stopped in a collision with Prometheus .at the end of prometheus, an engineer is impregnated by a trilobite which was created by doctor Elizabeth Shaw.

How did David survive the alien in Prometheus?

The Engineer, who David wakes up in Prometheus was the only one to survive the ordeal and who likely killed the Alien (or Deacon )- or at least trapped it in the room, behind the pile of dead Engineer bodies.

What happens at the end of Prometheus?

At the ending of Prometheus, Shaw is the last living human member who has survived. As Vickers dies, Shaw goes to the lifeboat and finds that her alien offspring is alive and has grown to be gigantic in size.

What happened to the Deacon after Prometheus?

So at some point after the events of Prometheus, it’s possible that Engineers from elsewhere happened upon this particular site and urged them forward. The likelihood is that the engineers encountered the Deacon and gave its development a gentle, or not so gentle, push.

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