What is a turbine PERC?

What is a turbine PERC?

Turbine Perc – Water Pipes and Oil Rigs Turbine percs (also called vortex or cyclone percs) are glass disc percs with precise angled cuts spread evenly around the disc. When you take a hit water is pulled through the angled cuts, and its spun in a vortex fashion creating a whirlpool effect.

Are percolators worth?

All in all, a percolator is a good thing to have in your bong. It makes for smoother, cooler smoke making it all around much more enjoyable. There are no real negative effects on your high for using it, so why not!

What is the best percolator for a bong?

The Downstem Diffused Percolator This is the most popular and basic type of percolator bong option. They provide the most basic type of water filtration for a smooth smoking experience with your bud.

Are turbine Percs good?

Because turbines usually only have a few diffusion points, they work well with concentrates. Turbines don’t overly diffuse your smoke, allowing you to savor all of the terps and natural flavors of your concentrates. Don’t get me wrong though, turbine percs are also awesome percolators for flower seshes!

How much does it cost to fill a turbine PERC?

Usually about an inch or so of water. You can fill these through the mouthpiece or the hole where the downstem sits. Click here if you have no clue what a downstem is. 2-If you have 1 perc: that perc should be underwater with all it’s holes covered.

How do you fill a PERC turbine?

Most percolators are “tree percs”, and should be filled from the top. Just pour in some water through the percolator until you believe there is enough water in the lower smoke/water chamber. It just flows through the percolator into the lower chamber.

Are bong percolators hard to clean?

Percs can definitely improve the quality of your bong rips, but they can also make your piece more difficult to clean. Resin will gunk up the nooks and crannies of the percs over time, rendering them useless.

Which bong hits smoothest?

The 5 Best Ice Bongs for Smooth Pulls

  • 16” Coil Perc Beaker with Removable Downstem. Ice bong users seem to share at least one common complaint, and that’s the problem of splashback.
  • 11” Double Tree Perc Straight Tube Bong.
  • 6 Arm Tree Perc Water Pipe With Ice Catcher.

What is a showerhead perc?

A showerhead percolator is a vertical tube with a flared bottom that has holes or slits on the bottom. Smoke or vapor is drawn through the openings in the flared bottom of the tube into the main chamber before continuing to the mouthpiece and into the lungs.

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