What is Ironweed movie about?

What is Ironweed movie about?

In Depression-era Albany, N.Y., erstwhile baseball star Francis Phelan (Jack Nicholson) has become an alcoholic vagabond after guilt over accidentally killing his infant son led him to desert his family. Over the course of several days, he ambles from gritty job to dirty bar to makeshift sleeping quarters. By chance, he encounters fellow itinerant drinker and his sometime lover, Helen Archer (Meryl Streep). Together, they wax nostalgic about their haunted pasts.Ironweed / Film synopsis

How does the movie Ironweed end?

” The ending of the novel is ambiguous, and in another sign of compatibility, the writer, director and producer agreed to leave it that way. ”Some people think that ‘Ironweed’ ends with Francis going back to his wife,” said Mr. Kennedy.

Is Ironweed native?

Vernonia. Commonly called Ironweed, this genus includes about 1,000 species of perennials, shrubs and trees native to North America. The plant supposedly gets its common name from the fact that it has tough, erect stems and rusty looking seed clusters as flowers age. Most species can tolerate clay soil.

Who is Annie ironweed?

Carroll Baker
Carroll Baker: Annie Phelan. Jump to: Photos (1)

Is ironweed native?

What does Ironweed mean?

Definition of ironweed : any of a genus (Vernonia) of mostly weedy composite plants usually having alternate leaves and perfect red, purple, or white tubular flowers in terminal cymose heads.

Is giant ironweed invasive?

Like many other plant species I tend to admire and write about, however, ironweed is not an invasive plant – it’s an opportunist. It takes advantage of soil and management conditions that favor it, but doesn’t just spread aggressively across pastures.

Is Ironweed a perennial?

New York ironweed is a tall, clump-forming perennial, growing 5-8 ft. in height. Slightly rough stems bear lance-shaped, deep-green leaves. Small flower heads occur in large, loosely branched, flat-topped, terminal clusters.

What is the definition phlox?

Definition of phlox : any of a genus (Phlox of the family Polemoniaceae, the phlox family) of American annual or perennial herbs that have usually pink, purplish, white, or variegated flowers, a salverform corolla with the stamens on its tube, and a 3-valved capsular fruit.

What is the benefit of ironweed?

American Indians used ironweed for medicinal purposes, making teas from leaves to treat female problems, including relief from childbirth pain, and as a blood tonic. Root teas were used to treat loose teeth and for stomach ulcers and hemorrhaging.

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