What is Italian farmhouse decor?

What is Italian farmhouse decor?

Italian rustic decor or Italian farmhouse blends two trending styles to create a simple luxurious country look. It is elegant but striking, and has longevity. Layers are removed leaving an almost minimalist look, using contrasting materials and textures to create features.

What is Italian decor style called?

However, Italian art deco reached its pinnacle under Gio Ponti, who made his designs sophisticated, elegant, stylish and refined, but also modern, exotic and creative. In 1926, a new style of furnishing emerged in Italy, known as “Razionalismo”, or “Rationalism”.

What is Italian rustic style?

Rustic Italian furniture features natural woods with warm-stained finishes in dark brown or rich black, as well as decorative hand-painted pieces. The oversized wooden furniture is often embellished with iron or copper hardware, such as knobs, handles and drawer pulls.

What is Italian interior design?

Italian interior design is all about classic good taste, minimalism, and high-quality luxury pieces. [3] That’s why it’s better to spend more on a few truly outstanding pieces than to spend a middling amount filling your home with unremarkable furniture and art.

How are houses decorated in Italy?

Italian homes reach a higher level of decorative standard by using marble floor tiles in various geometric designs, colours, and inlaid artistry. For modern Italian homes, they won’t only lay marble on the floors but will also cover their walls with gleaming marble stone, instantly adding glamour to the interiors.

What is an Italian kitchen style?

Traditional Italian kitchens feature a rustic, warm style. To achieve this natural look, materials ranging from terra cotta to stone are often used for the flooring. The color palette in the space is often rich as well, with a focus on oranges, golds and yellows.

What is Sicilian style decor?

Sicilian decor is the next big thing, bursting with rustic materials, lush textures, and colorful patterns that’ll have you feeling like you’re lounging on a sun-baked terrazza overlooking the sea.

What is Italian style design?

Italian design is known for being elegant, distinguished and casually grand. From traditional Old World Italian architecture to vibrant Tuscan-style designs, these extravagant and eye-catching rooms will leave you longing for Italia.

Is Tuscan-style Italian?

Selecting Colors for Your Tuscan Italian Decor Bring the famed Italian region to your home with earthy neutrals and sun-baked hues. Tuscan palettes often include shades of brown, stone, beige, and cream, as well as golden yellow, gold, terra cotta, russet, sienna, and brick.

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