What is Proc coefficients?

What is Proc coefficients?

The proc coefficient is essentially a multiplier of an item’s effect, trigger chance, duration, or any combination of the three. Something with a proc coefficient of 0.5 will have half the effect/chance/duration than something with a coefficient of 1.

What does proc mean diablo?

Proc is a term that refers a skill, item, or other effect that is activated automatically, usually on some percentage chance. An effect such as “2% chance of knockback” could be said to have a 2% chance of proc’ing.

What does life per hit do in Diablo 3?

Life on Hit (a.k.a. Life per Hit) is an item attribute introduced in Diablo III, which works much like Life Steal in that upon inflicting damage upon monsters, the nephalem hero heals Life.

What is a hit in Diablo 3?

Critical Hit is a game mechanic in Diablo III, and one of the major sources of increasing damage. A critical hit has a certain chance of happening, default 5%, for each enemy hit by an attack. When it occurs, the attack causes additional damage (default +50%) and, if it kills the target, destroys its corpse.

Can n Kuhana’s opinion crit?

2 proc coefficient so yes but not often. afaik proc has nothing to do with crit, bands have 0 proc coeff but still crit alright. Proc determines whether they can proc other items, crit is completely separate.

What is void fiends Proc coefficient?

Proc Coefficient. 0.625. Description. Fire a short-range beam for 2000% damage.

What does Proc stand for gaming?

Programmed Random Occurrence
If you are participating in an online multiplayer game, you might see people using the term “Proc.” The acronym is not easy to figure out. What is the definition of Proc? Proc stands for Programmed Random Occurrence.

What is life stolen per hit?

The Life Stealing affix can only be found on The Undead Crown possessed by the Skeleton King, but it offers 0-12.5% life stolen per hit, and stacks with life steal on the hero’s weaponry. 3% Life Steal and 5% Life Steal however, cannot stack if a Bard from Hellfire were to try to dual wield weapons with those suffixes.

What are the orange damage numbers in Diablo 3?

Red numbers are damage you receive. Added in patch 2.4, orange numbers are the largest hit you dealt recently.

What does stacking n Kuhana’s opinion do?

It says that it does an extra 100% damage (healing stored) per stack (meaning that your healing is doubled when it’s stored by N’Kuhana’s).

How does Corpsebloom stack?

Every 0.2 seconds, Corpsebloom takes from this store and heals the holder up to 2% of their maximum health (up to 10% per second). This healing cap is halved per additional stack. The healing increase scales linearly, while the amount of maximum health that can be healed scales hyperbolically.

Is void fiend commando?

As a former Commando, the Void Fiend has been corrupted by the Void and gains new abilities in the process. Flood is a charged shot that decimates foes in an explosive radius while Trespass allows for teleporting a significant distance.

What is a monk in Diablo 3?

I will rid Tristram of the shambling corpses that have risen in the fire’s wake.” The Monk is the fourth Diablo III class to be revealed. It is of the Monks of Ivgorod . Among Sanctuary’s most deadly warriors, the monks of the Sahptev faith train their bodies and minds so that they may become the foremost holy warriors of the land of Ivgorod.

What is the fourth Diablo 3 class to be revealed?

The Monk is the fourth Diablo III class to be revealed. It is of the Monks of Ivgorod.

What is the fastest character class in Diablo 3?

It was intended that the Monk be the fastest character class in Diablo III, but this did not become manifest once the game was released. Changes to the class’s skills in Reaper of Souls are intended to rectify this.

Is there a male and female monk in Heroes of the storm?

The male Monk was voiced by Jamieson Price, while the female was voiced by Rajia Baroudi. Male Monk appears as a playable hero in Heroes of the Storm. Despite some early artworks depicting Monks wielding Katars and Claws similar to those borne by Assassins, in-game versions of these items are much shorter, usually having fist-sized blades.

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