What is the difference between cross-examination and redirect?

What is the difference between cross-examination and redirect?

Generally, cross-examination is limited to questions concerning matters brought up in direct examination. After cross-examination, the plaintiff’s lawyer may again question the witness (this is called REDIRECT), and this may be followed by recross examination.

What is a redirected verdict?

A directed verdict is a ruling entered by a trial judge after determining that there is no legally sufficient evidentiary basis for a reasonable jury to reach a different conclusion. The trial court may grant a directed verdict either sua sponte or upon a motion by either party.

What is a redirect question court?

Redirect examination, in the United States, is the questioning of a witness who has already provided testimony under oath in response to direct examination as well as cross examination by the opponent.

What is redirect examination?

: an additional direct examination of a witness following cross-examination sought clarification of the witness’s testimony on redirect examination When cross-examination has been completed the attorney who called the witness may conduct redirect examination to clarify the testimony. —

Can you ask leading questions on redirect?

Leading questions shall not be used on the direct or redirect examination of a witness, except that the court may permit leading questions, in its discretion, in circumstances such as, but not limited to, the following: (1) when a party calls a hostile witness or a witness identified with an adverse party, (2) when a …

What is physical redirection?

Physical redirection is redirecting a child’s behaviour by physically removing them from one place / situation, to a more appropriate one.

Can you lead a witness on redirect?

Don’t lead on redirect. Some leading is necessary and desirable, to direct the witness to particular issues raised on cross-examination. Otherwise, it is improper. Don’t do it.

Can you lead witness on redirect?

What does redirect mean in legal terms?

(redirected from Redirect (law)) Also found in: Thesaurus. redirect examination n. Further examination of a witness after cross-examination, carried out by the party that first called the witness. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

What is a redirect examination in law?

In law it often refers to redirect examination. A redirect examination is the second direct examination of a witness after the cross examination. Redirect examinations are usually limited to the matters that were covered during cross examination.

What does legal liability mean?

What Does Legal Liability Mean? Legal liabilities are a person or entity’s legal responsibilities under the law. There are many different types of legal liabilities, and lawsuits commonly arise over them. Damages often must be paid if a party is found to have breached a responsibility it had by law.

What is the difference between a redirect and a recross?

Generally, though, redirect is designed for clarification of the witness’s testimony on cross or to address any subject matter discussed on cross that wasn’t mentioned on direct. In turn, recross presents an opportunity for the other lawyer to address the subject matter discussed in redirect, particularly anything that’s new.

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