What is the function of the arm system on the System 5000?

What is the function of the arm system on the System 5000?

ARM (Automatic Return Monitoring), provides advanced warning of compromised patient to dispersive electrode contact.

How many monopolar connections can be made on the System 5000?

three monopolar accessories
The System 5000™ is equipped to connect three monopolar accessories at one time for the convenience of the surgical staff.

What is the difference between cut and coagulation?

Using a constant waveform, like “cut,” the surgeon is able to vaporize or cut tissue. This waveform produces heat very rapidly. Using an intermittent waveform, like “coagulation,” causes the generator to modify the waveform so that the duty cycle (“on” time) is reduced. This interrupted waveform will produce less heat.

What generators can be used with Da Vinci XI vessel sealer?

Vessel Sealer Extend works seamlessly with the E-100 generator from da Vinci Energy on the da Vinci X and da Vinci Xi surgical systems. With the E-100 generator, Vessel Sealer Extend can seal twice as fast compared to Vessel Sealer Extend with the ERBE VIO dV generator.

When the ESU electrode tip touches tissue electricity is?

The active electrode transmits energy in the form of heat and electrical impulses. When the tip touches the body tissue, electricity is impeded causing heat intense enough to cut or coagulate.

What is coagulation in ESU?

Coagulation: blood tamponade or destruction of the tissue without cut effect. Fulguration: it is caused by using electrical arcs (sparks) which jump from the active electrode to the tissue through the air pocket. Biophysical effects of electro-surgical current.

Why is electrocautery used?

A procedure that uses heat from an electric current to destroy abnormal tissue, such as a tumor or other lesion. It may also be used to control bleeding during surgery or after an injury. The electric current passes through an electrode that is placed on or near the tissue.

What is soft COAG?

SOFT COAG is a coagulation mode unique to VIO electrosurgical units (ERBE Elektromedizin GmbH, Germany). This system regulates the temperature rise below boiling point without generating sparks, which is high enough to denature protein.

What is a good PSA level after prostate removal?

Ideally, your post-prostatectomy PSA will be undetectable, or less than 0.05 or 0.1 nanograms of PSA per milliliter of blood (ng/mL). If that’s the case, your doctor may call it a remission.

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