What is the retractor used for?

What is the retractor used for?

In varying forms, retractors are used to hold an incision open, hold back tissues or other objects to maintain a clear surgical field, or reach other structures. They can either be hand-held or self-retaining via a ratcheting mechanism.

How many types of retractor are there?

The two basic types of retractors are the hand-held and the self-retaining forms. The hand-held retractors allow an assistant to move tissue out of the way of the surgical instruments and protect the vital structures during the procedure.

How do you use a Czerny retractor?

Czerny Retractor is used in general surgical procedures like hernias and laparotomies. It is especially useful during surgical closures, as the central biconvex handle and its central oval fenestration allows the bleeders in the underlying tissues to be visualised and cauterised.

What is a surgical clamp called?

A hemostat (also called a hemostatic clamp, arterial forceps, or pean after Jules-Émile Péan) is a surgical tool used in many surgical procedures to control bleeding.

What is a Czerny retractor?

The Czerny retractor is a double-ended retractor with bi-flanged spikes on one end and thick broad flat blade on the opposite side. The retractor has an overall length of 17.5 cm – 7″, and the blades are 38 mm long and 22 mm wide.

What is the meaning of retractor?

Definition of retractor : one that retracts: such as a : a surgical instrument for holding open the edges of a wound b : a muscle that draws in an organ or part

What is the posterior retractor muscle?

In the posterior retractor the longitudinal fibres become united into one bundle, which, as noticed above, is inserted in the wall of the sheath. The proximal portion forms the retractor muscles of themanubrium, or proboscis, well developed, for example, in Geryonia.

A retractor is a surgical instrument used to separate and manipulate the edges of a surgical incision or wound, or to hold back underlying organs and tissues so that body parts underneath may be accessed.

What is Henley retractor used for?

The Surtex® Henley Self Retaining Retractor is a specialized surgical instrument commonly used in a variety of surgical procedures for retracting tissues. Its special prongs and central blades work to clear the surgical field for clean access during orthopedic, general as well as gynecological procedures.

What are the types of retractors?

There are two broad categories of retractors:

  • Hand Retractors – (Manual) must be held by an assistant, a robot or the surgeon during a procedure.
  • Self Retaining Retractors – (Stay open on their own) have a screw, ratchet or some type of clamp to hold the tissue by itself.

Which retractor is used in pelvic surgery?

The St Mark’s retractor
The St Mark’s retractor is an instrument essential in open pelvic surgery. It is of great help in exposing structures deep in the narrow pelvis.

What is a Richardson retractor?

Richardson Retractor is a 9-1/2″ long retractor that can be used during procedures, such as chest or abdominal, to grasp soft tissue using the curved blade. Several widths and depths of the blade are available in order to suit the different surgical needs.

What is a Lone Star retractor?

Lone Star’s self-retaining retractor system offers superior visualization and efficiency for a wide range of surgical procedures. Lone Star retractors are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to match anatomy across many specialties. The lightweight retractor rings articulate to rapidly adjust to surgical needs on demand.

What is a retractor in surgery?

A retractor is a surgical instrument used to separate and manipulate the edges of a surgical incision or wound, or to hold back underlying organs and tissues so that body parts underneath may be accessed.

What is a single-use retractor?

These single-use retractors are light-weight and sterile-packaged to ensure streamlined delivery to the surgical field case after case.

What are the different sizes of CooperSurgical retractors?

CooperSurgical 2200 – Cantilevered Retractor, Stainless Steel, 27.5 cm x 18.4 cm, 795 g. CooperSurgical 2201 – Cantilevered Retractor, Stainless Steel, 16.4 cm x 11.6 cm, 340 g. Available in both aluminum and stainless steel, the Lone Star Reusable Retractors are an alternative to the disposable, lightweight plastic retractor options.

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