What is the VSS Vintorez used for?

What is the VSS Vintorez used for?

The VSS “Vintorez” is a silenced sniper rifle that makes use of a permanent silencer assembly as well as specially-developed subsonic ammunition. The type shares nearly the same contours as the AS Val silenced assault rifle which was developed at the same time.

Is the VSS Vintorez semi auto?

The VSS is based on a Kalashnikov receiver that is modified to fire the 9x39mm round. The gas mechanism allows for both semi-automatic and automatic fire.

Are the AS Val and VSS Vintorez the same?

The Val was developed alongside the VSS Vintorez to replace modified general-purpose firearms, such as the AKS-74UB, BS-1, APB, and PB, for clandestine operations. Development of the Val began in 1985 following the VSS Vintorez in 1983 by TsNIITochMash based on the prototype RG-036 completed in 1981.

Is the VSS a good gun?

It also doesn’t do a lot of damage, which is another reason most players just avoid it. However, in the right hands, the VSS can be one of the deadliest weapons in PUBG. It barely makes a sound when being fired, so it’s the perfect weapon for ambushes.

How quiet is a VSS Vintorez?

Because the bullet does not create a sonic boom after it leaves the barrel, it is significantly quieter than most ammunition. Combined with enormous suppressors, both the Vintorez and Val shoot extremely quietly. If you’ve ever wondered what shooting sounds like without the “crack” of a gunshot, look no further.

Can a civilian own a VSS Vintorez?

Russian Tula Arms Plant, the manufacturer of the VSS “Vintorez” integrally suppressed rifle, has recently added a couple of versions of the rifle to the list of civilian products on their website.

Does Russia use the AS Val?

What is curious, is that despite the fact that the AS Val is classified as an assault rifle, and VSS “Vintorez” a sniper rifle, they have about 70% of interchangeable parts. The AS Val is currently used by Spetsnaz and reconnaissance divisions of the Russian Army, as well as MVD and FSB special forces.

What round does the VSS shoot?

9x39mm SP-5
VSS is a quickly knock-down rifle, suitable for concealed carrying. The rifle fires 9x39mm SP-5 subsonic sniper cartridges or SP-6 cartridges.

How loud is a VSS Vintorez?

130 dB
The suppressor effectively hides muzzle flash and reduces the muzzle report of the firearm to 130 dB. However, there are no design features which reduce the noise of the action. The action is similar to that of AK-type rifles with a similar long-stroke gas system with the piston located above the barrel.

How loud is the VSS Vintorez?

Rate of fire was 789 rounds per minute. Suppressed, using the VSS, the measured sound levels were: 130.0, 130.3, 130.8, 129.0, 127.5, and 130.8 deciBels. This averaged to 129.7 dB for a respectable reduction of 30.1 dB.

Does Russia still use VSS?

Vintóvka Snáyperskaya Spetsiálnaya “Vintorez”, lit. ‘Special “Sniper” Rifle “Thread Cutter”; GRAU designation 6P29) is a marksman rifle featuring an integral suppressor originating from the Soviet Union….

VSS Vintorez
Type Designated marksman rifle
Place of origin Soviet Union
Service history
In service 1987–present

Is the AS VAL accurate?

It has a cyclic rate of fire of 900 rounds per minute (RPM). According to its users, the AS Val is reliable, accurate, and well liked. The rifle has an AK-type side mount for various optical sights.

Does Ukraine use the VSS?

The VSS Vintorez (Russian: Винто́вка Сна́йперская Специа́льная «Винторе́з», tr. Vintóvka Snáyperskaya Spetsiálnaya “Vintorez”, lit….

VSS Vintorez
In service 1987–present
Used by see Users
Wars Chechen Wars 2008 South Ossetia war War in Donbas Syrian Civil War Russo-Ukrainian War
Production history

Is the X16 a real gun?

Glock 21 – “X16” Although by the tan frame and the in-game moniker, “X16,” you’d think this would be the Glock 19X, but it’s not so. The Glock pistol is definitely a Glock 21, as the . 45 Auto rollmark can be clearly seen on the slide.

Is the M19 a real gun?

Zastava M19 is a modular 6.5/7.62 mm rifle, developed by the Zastava Arms, and has been adopted by the Serbian Armed Forces in 2020.

Does the Russian army use the AS VAL?

Since 1987, the Soviet Army and the KGB used it in their arsenal. Russian Spetsnaz special forces and some divisions of the Russian Army also use it. The rifle is expensive and there are not many AS-Vals available.

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