What is the White Sox best record ever?

What is the White Sox best record ever?

The 2012 White Sox edged the 1985 and 1996 squads based on the inverse formula.

  1. 2005. 12 of 12. Record: 99-63, First in AL Central.
  2. 2. 1983. 11 of 12. Record: 99-63, First in AL West.
  3. 1993. 10 of 12. Record: 94-68, First in AL West.
  4. 1982. 9 of 12. Record: 87-55, Third in AL West.
  5. 2000. 8 of 12.
  6. 1990. 7 of 12.
  7. 2006. 6 of 12.
  8. 1977. 5 of 12.

When was the last time the White Sox made the playoffs?

When was the last time the White Sox were in the playoffs? The Chicago White Sox last made the playoffs in 2021, when they lost the AL Divisional Series. They’ve been in the playoffs a total of 11 times in their 118 seasons.

Who is the best White Sox pitcher?

The 5 best seasons by White Sox pitchers

  • Lucas Giolito, 2019.
  • Eddie Cicotte, 1919.
  • Wilbur Wood, 1972.
  • Esteban Loaiza, 2003.
  • Chris Sale, 2014, ’16.
  • Billy Pierce, 1955.
  • Mark Buehrle, 2002.
  • Doc White, 1907. The southpaw won 27 games and had a 2.26 ERA over 291 innings.

How many games did the White Sox lose to Houston in the 2005 postseason?

The 101st edition of the World Series, it was a best-of-seven playoff between the American League (AL) champion Chicago White Sox and the National League (NL) champion Houston Astros. The White Sox swept the Astros in four games, winning their third World Series championship and their first in 88 years.

How many times have the White Sox made the playoffs since 2005?

This will mark the 12th time that the White Sox have competed in the postseason, and they’ll be hoping to get back to the American League Championship Series for the first time since 2005.

Who is considered the best baseball manager of all time?

Connie Mack
Managers with 1,000 or more wins

Rank Name Wins
1 Connie Mack 3,731
2 Tony La Russa* 2,865
3 John McGraw 2,763
4 Bobby Cox 2,504

How many playoff games have the Twins lost in a row?

18 consecutive playoff games
“Tonight,” Santana said afterward, “we proved what the team, the Minnesota Twins, are all about.” That same team, the Minnesota Twins, has lost 18 consecutive playoff games since, the longest playoff losing streak in North American professional sports history.

When did the Minnesota Twins last won a playoff game?

When was the last time the Twins won a playoff series? In 2002, the Minnesota Twins beat the Oakland Athletics in the AL Divisional Series.

Who is the White Sox ace pitcher?

The Chicago White Sox are a team that is loaded with incredible starting pitching. When everyone is at their best, they have a team of four number one starters and a true number five guy.

Who is the White Sox all time saves leader?

Boasting 201 saves with the White Sox, Thigpen not only holds the franchise mark but is the only reliever for the team to top 200.

How many wins did the White Sox pitcher Freddy Garcia record in the 2005 postseason?

In 2005, he was a member of the World Series winning Chicago White Sox and started the series-winning Game 4….

Freddy García
MLB statistics
Win–loss record 156–108
Earned run average 4.15
Strikeouts 1,621

Has an MLB team ever made the playoffs with a losing record?

Pandemic playoffs: Brewers, Astros in despite losing record The only other team in major league history to reach the playoffs with a losing record was the 1981 Kansas City Royals — at 50-53 overall, they made it by winning the second half in a strike-split season.

Did Dusty Baker ever win a World Series as a manager?

He led the Giants to the 2002 World Series and the Astros to the 2021 World Series, making him the ninth manager to win pennants in both the American and National Leagues. Baker has the most wins among managers who have not won the World Series….

Dusty Baker
Managerial record 2,039–1,761
Winning % .537

What is Dusty Baker’s managerial record?

Dusty has a winning record with four of the five teams he’s managed — only the Chicago Cubs were (very slightly) under . 500, at ….Dusty’s teams have won a lot more than expected.

Manager Dusty Baker
Yrs. Managed From 1993
To 2022
Winning % Actual 53.3
Expected 51.1

Which player stole 70 bases in a single-season?

Henderson stole 130 bases in 1982. Brock’s 118 stolen bases in 1974 were by far his best single-season mark, followed by 74 in 1966 and 70 in 1963.

When did the Minnesota Twins last win a playoff game?

MLB Team History – Minnesota Twins Season Results

Postseason Results
1991 World Series W 4-3
1991 League Championship Series W 4-1
1987 World Series W 4-3

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