What is VideoSpin?

What is VideoSpin?

Pinnacle VideoSpin is a free video suite that offers similar capabilities but in a simpler package. It’s specifically designed to make it easy enough for beginners to create high-quality videos and slideshows to save, burn to disk, or post online.

Where is Pinnacle based?

Pinnacle Sports

Type Private
Founded 1998
Headquarters Curaçao
Products Sportsbook, Casino
Website www.pinnacle.com

Is there an app for spinning?

Arguably the most popular spin class app, Peloton changed the way we exercise at home. With various instructors, live classes, pre-recorded spins, and personalized interactions with virtual participants (like you), Peloton gives you everything you need to succeed.

Is Peloton still free?

You can use a Peloton Bike without a subscription, but with access to limited features. It comes with three pre-recorded classes and a “just ride” feature that shows your standard performance metrics. However, you can subscribe at any point, and cancel at your will.

Are Peloton classes free?

Once you purchase the Bike itself, you need to keep paying a $39 monthly subscription fee, or you’re left with just three classes and a free-ride mode that displays only real-time data on the screen, with no leaderboard-inspired competition or any record of your efforts.

Where can I find educational videos online for free?

SchoolTube. Video sharing platform for schools featuring original content created by students. schooltube.com. TeacherTube. Online aggregator of educational videos. teachertube.com. TED. Fascinating presentations by the world’s leading thinkers and doers. ted.com.

Where can I find free online video libraries?

With the exception of BrainPOP and Cosmeo, all listed sites offer their extensive video libraries for free and most without registration. Alison. Standards-based education material covering a broad range of subjects. alison.com.

Where can I find free medical videos for teachers?

Guide to the best sources of free medical videos, including procedures, operations, and lectures. PBS programs including Sesame Street, Mister Rogers, Daniel Tiger, Curious George, and more. Free videos from your favorite PBS programs, including NOVA and Frontline. Engaging, professional videos and practical resources for educator development.

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