When did Jean Michel Jarre play in China?

When did Jean Michel Jarre play in China?

The Concerts in China was a concert tour by Jean Michel Jarre in 1981. It marked the opening of post-Mao Zedong China to live Western music. Five concerts were held in the two biggest cities, for an estimated audience of 120,000 spectators, on October 21 and 22 in Beijing, and on October 26, 27 and 29 in Shanghai.

What is Jean Michel Jarre most famous song?

Jean-Michel Jarre – 10 of the best

  1. Oxygène (Part IV)
  2. Equinoxe (Part V)
  3. Magnetic Fields (Part I)
  4. Arpegiateur (Live)
  5. Blah Blah Cafe.
  6. Quatrième Rendez-Vous (Live in Lyon)
  7. Revolution, Revolutions.
  8. Bells.

Are there concerts in China?

Falling anywhere from 100 to 3000 person cap, Livehouses host around 85% of all concerts in China, welcoming performances of all genres, from idol-pop to EDM, rap, rock and everything in between.

How much is Jean Michel Jarre?

Jean-Michel Jarre net worth: Jean-Michel Jarre is a French composer, performer, and record producer who has a net worth of $100 million. Jean-Michel Jarre was born in Lyon, France in August 1948.

Why there are no concerts in China?

Visas and Censorship. Every artist that want to tour in China has to get a performance permit (an approval letter from the Cultural Department), which means that the government can simply stop the artists from entering a country if it wants to.

Do American artists perform in China?

Have you ever considered playing a gig in China? It may seem like a far reach for an American band, but cities like Beijing and Shanghai have quite the growing music scene with some of the most devoted music fans in the world and an array of big names stopping through to perform in recent years.

Where were the desert scenes in Lawrence of Arabia filmed?

The desert scenes were shot in Jordan and Morocco, as well as Almería and Doñana in Spain.

How many records has Jean-Michel Jarre sold?

Jarre has sold an estimated 80 million albums and singles. He was the first Western musician to be allowed to perform in the People’s Republic of China, and holds the world record for the largest-ever audience at an outdoor event.

Which music artist is banned from performing in China?

Lady Gaga- The provocative singer with her bizarre imagery in her videos and even more bizarre costumes was banned in the People’s Republic of China, specifically the Culture Ministry as her music was viewed as creating confusion in the online music scene and damaging the country’s national security.

Where did Justin Bieber get banned from?

The Peaches singer, who was performing at a concert, gave a health update regarding Hailey. He informed the audience that she is doing fine now. While talking about the pop-singer, back in 2017, it was reported by BBC that Justin Bieber was banned in China due to his ‘bad behaviour.

How many camels were used in Lawrence of Arabia?

Lawrence, several years after the war, in his book, “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”. The charge on Aqaba employed 450 horses and 150 camels.

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