Where can you use Panther Funds?

Where can you use Panther Funds?

Panther Funds allow for greater spending flexibility. They can be used at on-campus dining or retail locations (from the laundry machines to Heinz Field) and are also accepted at off-campus locations for food and more. Add Panther Funds online or via the Transact eAccounts app on your Apple or Android device.

What is the difference between Panther Funds and dining dollars?

What is the difference between Dining Dollars and Panther Funds? Dining Dollars are attached to your meal membership and can be used at participating off-campus vendors, while Panther Funds are pre-loaded cash amounts that can be used at a wide variety of both on and off-campus eateries and merchants.

Does the Pitt Shop take Panther Funds?

Your Panther Card makes it easy for you to shop since Panther Funds are accepted at Pitt’s three retail locations. Use your Panther Funds at Maggie & Stella’s Cards & Gifts, The Pitt Shop, and the University Store on Fifth.

How do I add Panther cash?

Open a PantherCash account either online or in the PantherCard Office. To do so online, you’ll need to first fill out a Panther application. Once this is complete, you will then be able to use a credit card to add additional funds to your PantherCard through the Add PantherCash link.

Does Milkshake Factory take dining dollars Pitt?

‌25% of Dining Dollars funds are allocated and available for use at select off-campus locations….Off-Campus Vendors.

CHiKN 3712 Forbes Avenue
Sushi Fuku 120 Oakland Avenue
Szechuan Express 125 Oakland Avenue
The Milkshake Factory 3612 Forbes Avenue

Where can I use my gold card UWM?

GOLD Account membership entitles you to:

  • Purchase laundry and general services at all residence halls.
  • Purchase food (tax-free for students) at all UWM campus restaurants.

Does Forbes Street Market take dining dollars?

Additionally, meal solutions offered at Forbes Street Market meet a variety of dining needs, including grab-and-go options and ready-to- eat dishes. The market accepts Panther Funds and Meal Exchange, Dining Dollars, as well as cash and credit.

Is Panther Central open?

10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

How do I add Panther cash to Florida Tech?

You can add funds to your Panther Cash account in one of two ways: online, or in person at the Library or Student accounting. To add funds online (credit or debit card): You can access the online deposit screen by going to the Campus Services homepage, and selecting Online Panther Card Deposits.

How do you use a PantherCard?

The only information you need is the 14-digit card number from the student’s PantherCard (this is the number printed on the back of the PantherCard – not the student ID number). Log on to the PantherCard Online Deposit site. Click “Make a Deposit” from the choices on the left side of the screen.

Where are Pitt dining dollars accepted?

Dining Dollars are deducted from your meal membership as you go, and can be used at any of our on-campus eateries. These memberships offers one or two meals a day in varying amounts. Meals can be used at The Eatery and The Perch at Sutherland, or at campus retail locations with Meal Exchange.

Does Oishii Bento take dining dollars?

Reload amounts or purchases of Dining Dollars are for on-campus use only….Off-Campus Vendors.

CHiKN 3712 Forbes Avenue
Oishii Bento 119 Oakland Avenue
Pamela’s 3703 Forbes Avenue
Pie Express Pizza 148 Oakland Avenue
Pizza Romano 219 Atwood Street

What is Panther ID FIU?

You will need your FIU Panther ID, which is a 7 digit identification number, or your FIU username and password to access MyFIU. The first time you log on to MyFIU you will be prompted to change your password and setup your account recovery information.

What is a Pitt dining dollar?

Dining Dollars can be used at any campus dining location. They are tax-free and roll over from fall to spring semester, but expire at the end of the spring semester*. You will receive a 10% discount with any purchase at any on-campus non-national brand location on campus.

Do dining dollars carry over Pitt?

Dining Dollars may be used to purchase food in any of our dining facilities. Remaining DINING DOLLARS will carry over from the fall to spring semester for students who are enrolled in a meal plan for the spring.

What is Panther connect?

Panther Connect is your chance to come explore campus, connect with Pitt, serve the community, and develop friendships. Six sessions will be offered throughout the summer–each session is optional and open to 250 incoming first-year students.

How do I contact the Panthers Central?

Call us at 412-648-1100, chat with us using the button on the bottom right of the website, or fax us at 412-383-7878. For in-person assistance, stop into Panther Central in Litchfield Towers Lobby. We’re here to help you at any time of day or night. Contact us using the form below.

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