Where is 269 in Mississippi?

Where is 269 in Mississippi?

Interstate 269 forms a 30-mile loop around Memphis through Mississippi and Tennessee. In Mississippi, Interstate 269 begins at the Interstate 55/69 intersection north of Hernando, cross U.S. Highway 78 near Byhalia and continue northeast to the Tennessee state line.

When was I 269 built?

Construction began in 2011. The portion of the project from SR 302 to the Tennessee State Line opened in October 2015. The remainder of the project is expected to by late 2018.

Is there a bypass around Memphis?

I-269 was planned and built to serve as an outer bypass for the Memphis metropolitan area, funneling through traffic around the metro area while also functioning as a bypass of future I-69, which will run directly through the center of the metro area….Interstate 269.

← MS 245 MS → US 278
← SR 268 TN → SR 269

How long is i22 in Mississippi?

202.5 miInterstate 22 / Length

What exit number is Arlington TN?

Exit 25, Exit to: TN 205, Airline Rd, to Arlington. There are 9 gas stations, 32 restaurants, and 1 hotels/motels near this exit.

Can you cross the Mississippi River at Memphis?

Four bridges cross the Mississippi at Memphis: the Frisco Bridge, the Harahan, the Memphis and Arkansas, and the Hernando DeSoto.

Is the Memphis bridge open now?

All lanes of I-40 bridge in Memphis are now open.

Where does i22 begin and end?

Interstate 22 (I-22) is a 202.5-mile-long (325.9 km) Interstate Highway in the US states of Mississippi and Alabama, connecting I-269 near Byhalia, Mississippi, to I-65 near Birmingham, Alabama.

When was Interstate 22 built Alabama?

The first official Interstate 22 signs were installed in Marion and Walker Counties, Alabama by April 2013. I-22 was formally designated in Mississippi at a signage ceremony held on October 23, 2015 at New Albany.

What county is Arlington TN in?

Shelby CountyArlington / County
Regionally, Arlington is located in the northeast corner of Shelby County, Tennessee and is in the limits of the Town of Arlington. The property is inside the realm of the Memphis Metropolitan Area boasting a population of over 1.29 million.

What is the longest bridge that crosses the Mississippi river?

At nearly a mile in length, Big River Crossing is the longest public pedestrian bridge across the Mississippi. Big River Crossing is also the country’s longest active rail/bicycle/pedestrian bridge.

Which bridge in Memphis is closed?

The Hernando DeSoto Bridge, which carries Interstate 40 over the Mississippi River, was shut down for repairs May 11 after a routine inspection found a structural crack. Repair workers will have finished their work by Friday, the Tennessee Department of Transportation said in a news release.

How many miles is i22 in Mississippi?

202.5 miInterstate 22 / Length

Interstate 22 (I-22) is a 202.5-mile-long (325.9 km) Interstate Highway in the US states of Mississippi and Alabama, connecting I-269 near Byhalia, Mississippi, to I-65 near Birmingham, Alabama. I-22 is also Corridor X of the Appalachian Development Highway System.

Does Interstate 22 run in a north south direction?

State Route 22 (SR 22) is an east–west state highway in the U.S. state of California that serves southern Los Angeles County and northern Orange County. It runs between Pacific Coast Highway (State Route 1) in Long Beach and the Costa Mesa Freeway (State Route 55) in Orange by way of Garden Grove.

How many miles is Mississippi on 22?

What is the crime rate in Arlington TN?

Arlington Annual Crimes

Violent Total
Number of Crimes 20 128
Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents) 1.37 8.80

Is Arlington a part of Memphis?

Arlington is located in northeast Shelby County. The County itself has a population of over 900,000. The Metropolitan Memphis area boasts a population of 1.29 million. Arlington Community Schools is a K-12 school system located in Arlington, TN, a suburb of Memphis.

What does I 269 stand for?

Interstate 269 ( I-269) is a beltway around the city of Memphis, Tennessee and its adjacent suburban areas in southwestern Tennessee and northern Mississippi, completed in October 2018.

How do I get from I-69 to I-269?

Follow I-69 for 5 miles and merge onto Old Hwy. 304/Casino Strip Resort Blvd. Then travel 4 miles to Hwy. 61. Follow I-22 W toward Memphis. Continue on I-22 W / Hwy. 78 to I-269 S Exit. Continue on I-269 S for 18 miles across I-55 Interchange. Then continue on I-69 for 11 miles to I-69 Tunica/Hwy. 304 Junction.

Where does I-269 begin and end?

I-269 currently connects to its parent route, I-69, at an interchange in Hernando, Mississippi, and will do so again in Millington, Tennessee, in the future. I-269 begins at an interchange with Interstate 69 near Hernando, Mississippi.

What are the interchanges for I-269 in Tennessee?

Entering Tennessee, I-269 has an interchange with US 72 and the southern segment of TN 385 in Collierville. The route then proceeds north along former TN 385 to an interchange with I-40 and the northern segment of TN 385 in Arlington .

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