Which country has the highest share of GDP?

Which country has the highest share of GDP?

The United States and China are the two largest economies, each accounting for around 16% of world GDP.

How big a share of the global economy is the US?

The World Economy: Top 50 Countries 🇺🇸 U.S. *2020 GDP (latest available) used where IMF estimates for 2021 were unavailable. At $22.9 trillion, the U.S. GDP accounts for roughly 25% of the global economy, a share that has actually changed significantly over the last 60 years.

What percentage of world GDP is China?

China: Percent of world GDP, 1980 – 2020: The latest value from 2020 is 15.26 percent. For comparison, the world average in 2020 based on 183 countries is 0.47 percent.

Where does the US rank in GDP?


Rank Name GDP (IMF ’20)
1 United States 20.89 Tn
2 China 14.86 Tn
3 Japan 5.04 Tn
4 Germany 3.84 Tn

Does the world rely on the US economy?

The United States is the world’s single largest economy (at market exchange rates), accounting for almost 22 percent of global output and over a third of stock market capitalization.

What is contribution of the USA in the global economy?

The US has the world’s single largest economy, accounting for almost a quarter of global GDP (at market exchange rates), one-fifth of global FDI, and more than a third of stock market capitalisation. It is the most important export destination for one-fifth of countries around the world.

What percentage of global GDP is the US?

The world’s GDP still grew a healthy 6.9% in 2018, up from $80.2 trillion in 2017 to $85.8 trillion. Nearly half of this growth came from the world’s two largest economies: the United States, at $20.5 trillion (up 5.4% from 2017), and China, at $13.6 trillion (up 10%).

What is the current US real GDP?

United States GDP: 19,847 trillion International Dollars (2020) Gross Domestic Product (PPP in 2017 prices)

What is the highest US GDP in history?

The United States represented 28.69% of the world’s economy in 1960 (highest point), and was at its lowest point at 21.42% in 2011. It accounted for 1.8% of the world’s economy in 1820, 8.9% in 1870, and 19.1% in 1913. ^ This is, the absolute gross domestic product or total productive output of a country, not corrected by cost of life.

What are the top 10 GDP countries in the world?

– United States (GDP: 20.49 trillion) – China (GDP: 13.4 trillion) – Japan: (GDP: 4.97 trillion) – Germany: (GDP: 4.00 trillion) – United Kingdom: (GDP: 2.83 trillion) – France: (GDP: 2.78 trillion) – India: (GDP: 2.72 trillion) – Italy: (GDP: 2.07 trillion) – Brazil: (GDP: 1.87 trillion) – Canada: (GDP: 1.71 trillion)

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