Who did the Patriots beat in 2001?

Who did the Patriots beat in 2001?

St. Louis Rams
The 2001 Patriots were surprisingly streaking into the playoffs. Following a mid-November loss to the reigning Super Bowl champion St. Louis Rams, New England reeled off six-straight wins to end the season, capturing the AFC East title and an unlikely bye for the first round of the playoffs.

What year did Steelers beat Patriots in playoffs?

Game results

Season Season series Notes
Regular season Steelers 15–13
Postseason Patriots 4–1 AFC Divisional playoffs: 1996–1997. AFC Championship Game: 2001, 2004, 2016.
Regular and postseason Patriots 17–16

Is Tom Brady tough?

Still, it wasn’t enough for Brady to crack Dungy’s top-five list of toughest quarterbacks to coach against. Dungy revealed his list on FOX Sports’ “Club Shay Shay” podcast and ranked Brady as the sixth-toughest.

How many times did the Steelers play the Patriots in the AFC Championship?

In the nearly two decades that have followed, these teams have played many thrilling games that fans will not soon forget. They also have met three times in the AFC Championship Game, with the Patriots winning each time.

Did the Steelers special teams preview the 2001 AFC Championship Game?

But it was in an overtime loss in a regular season game in Cincinnati on Dec. 30 when the Steelers special teams performed an eerie preview to the 2001 AFC Championship Game.

Did special teams come through for the Steelers in the playoffs?

By the time the Steelers had completed a 13-3 regular season and then hung a decisive physical beating on the Baltimore Ravens to knock the defending Super Bowl champions from these playoffs, it no longer was a matter of special teams “coming through.” It was a matter of special teams not costing the Steelers a game.

How did the Patriots confuse the Steelers’ blocking patterns?

The Patriots used some different alignments plus the one-on-one dominance of Richard Seymour to confuse the Steelers blocking patterns early in the game, and it was 0-0 into the latter stages of the first quarter.

How did the Steelers score two touchdowns on consecutive possessions?

On successive possessions, the Steelers scored touchdowns – a 79-yard drive was capped by a plunge by Bettis and a 32-yard drive, set up by a 28-yard punt return by Edwards, was capped by an 11-yard run by Amos Zereoue.

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