Who does TELUS partner with?

Who does TELUS partner with?

Networks. Telus Mobility partners with Bell Mobility to operate three different kinds of nationwide networks in Canada. These networks include a UMTS network, an LTE network and a 5G network. Telus has the fastest mobile network in Canada as of 2020 according to Speedtest.net.

What is TELUS Partner Program?

Save more with the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program (EPP). Enjoy exclusive savings on the latest devices and on unlimited rate plans based on where you work. Contact our dedicated team at 1-833-270-0050 or check if you qualify online. Check eligibility.

What is a TELUS authorized dealer?

The TELUS Authorized Dealer Program is a national program designed to complement the strengths of partners with our full range of integrated solutions. Our dealers find that the ability to offer total, top-quality solutions allows them to build on their core business and strengthen relationships with their clients.

How do I access my Telus account?

Using your login link to sign in to your My TELUS account is easy.

  1. Open the login link email that was sent to you.
  2. Select the Log in now button.
  3. You’ll be automatically logged into your account.

Who does Telus share towers with?

Bell Mobility
TELUS’ powerful network, which shares cell phone towers with Bell Mobility, covers 99% of Canada’s total population, and over 18% of Canada’s geographical area. In addition to having the top coverage in Canada (they are tied with Bell), TELUS also has the fastest connectivity and most reliable service.

Are Telus and Rogers the same company?

Bell, Rogers and Telus each own “flanker” brands to appeal to different market segments: Bell owns Virgin Mobile and Lucky Mobile. Rogers Wireless owns Fido and Chatr. Telus Mobility owns Koodo and Public Mobile.

What is Clearwest?

Clearwest Solutions is a Platinum Partner of TELUS and has been serving Business, Corporate and Retail clients since 1998. Our team of dedicated professionals provide service and support to thousands of clients in Canada from our “best in class” retail locations, to our premier team for business and corporate clients.

Why can’t I access My TELUS account?

If your account or phone number has been cancelled or deactivated, you’ll get a message that reads, “You cannot access this account because the service is cancelled.” As your account no longer exists, it is not possible to log in. To log in, you must reactivate your account or phone number.

Does Telus and Bell share towers?

Since Bell and Telus share cell phone towers, coverage by both carriers is identical. The networks that connect all the cell towers to the internet are different, so that’s where you’ll see a difference.

Is Telus part of Rogers?

Bell owns Virgin Mobile and Lucky Mobile. Rogers Wireless owns Fido and Chatr. Telus Mobility owns Koodo and Public Mobile.

What is the Telus employee discount?

The benefit of the Employee Discount is 10% of the consumer version of the rate plans and an additional $200-$500 off the price of the hardware. These discounts are already included in the pricing on the order form.

How do I get an EPP account?

To Sign Up for EPP:

  1. Connect to NFC Home page. A Warning page is displayed.
  2. Select the I Agree button. The My Employee Personal Page login page is displayed. Note: To obtain help on the My EPP login page, select the Need Assistance? link. The Need Assistance? page is displayed. Select the Need Help? link.

How do I access EPP?

Employees can access EPP from any computer at https://www.nfc.usda.gov/epps.

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