Who is Brno rifles?

Who is Brno rifles?

BRNO RIFLES, s.r.o. was founded in spring 2004 and was acquired in November by EXIMAT, a.s., owning a majority ownership interest in Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod. BRNO RIFLES thus became a sister company of CZUB and the “relationship” was confirmed in a way when Ing.

Is Brno rifles a sister company of CZUB?

BRNO RIFLES thus became a sister company of CZUB and the “relationship” was confirmed in a way when Ing. Kamil Růžák, MBA, Member of the Supervisory Board and Safety Director of CZUB, became a Director of BRNO RIFLES.

What is the Brno effect break-action rifle?

The Brno Effect break-action rifle is designed for hunters who prefer calm and ethical hunting.

Is the Brno zkm611 22wmr a good rifle?

NEW THIS WEEK! BRNO ZKM611 22WMR very nice NEW IN BOX NEVER FIRED rifle. This rilfe has some of the best wood I’ve seen on these type rifles. These are no longer manufactured and very sought after becaus …Click for more info “Czech-made Bolt-action Mauser made for the Brazil. The bore is excellent. The metal is very good plus condition.

Is the Brno 801 shotgun suitable for hunting or target duty?

The BRNO 801 Shotgun is appropriate for both hunting and target duty. The 801 sports a select grade walnut stock with laser engraved checkering and a palm swell, in addition to tasteful engraving on the receiver.

Can I import a Brno rifle to the USA?

Only Brno models currently being imported are single-shot and over/under rifles and over/under combination rifle/shotguns.

When did the BRNO factory of Czechoslovakia stop making rifles?

These rifles made their way throughout Europe and became popular throughout Africa. The Brno factory was privatized in 1990 following the end of the Warsaw Pact. On January 1, 1993, Czechoslovakia separated into the Czech Republic and Slovakia as they are known today. In 2008,

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