Who is Chantecaille owned by?

Who is Chantecaille owned by?

Beiersdorf has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire prestige beauty brand Chantecaille. Founded by Sylvie Chantecaille in 1997, the brand offers a range of skin care, fragrance and cosmetics products based on botanical ingredients with a strong focus on sustainability and philanthropy.

Is Chantecaille a luxury?

Chantecaille sets a luxurious standard in the world of modern, botanical skincare and cosmetics.

Is Chantecaille a French company?

Chantecaille first started as a niche French fragrance house with four original scents based on natural essential oils.

How much did Chantecaille sell for?

between $590 million and $690 million
Beiersdorf has signed a deal to acquire Chantecaille that values the business between $590 million and $690 million. Chantecaille makes makeup and skin care products that center around plant and flower extracts. The business was founded by Sylvie Chantecaille, who is said to be continuing with the brand.

What country is Chantecaille from?

French born Sylvie Chantecaille has one of the most recognized last names in the beauty biz.

How long has Chantecaille been around?

Chantecaille originally launched as a niche fragrance company in 1997, with a particular nod to the fragrances of 1930s Paris. But given her knowledge of and passion for skin care, natural products, Chinese medicine, and aromatherapy, Chantecaille soon expanded her line.

Is Chantecaille good for aging skin?

This particular line of skin care products targets the signs of aging, like fine lines, deep-set wrinkles, dark circles and dullness. The nourishing components help lift, firm and plump the skin, ensuring a youthful, rejuvenated and glowing complexion.

Is Chantecaille sold in China?

Chantecaille has confirmed they only sell their products in Hong Kong and not in retail stores in mainland China; therefore, they are not required to test on animals.

Is Chantecaille a clean beauty brand?

Chantecaille is a clean luxury beauty brand that’s science-based and dedicated to giving back. And by “giving back,” I mean they are seriously committed to environmental philanthropy.

Is chantecaille all natural?

All of Chantecaille skin care products are created by combining the power of natural ingredients, like flowers and plant stem cells, with the latest cutting edge technology. Therefore, the majority of Chantecaille product formulations are composed of natural ingredients, however, the brand is not 100% natural.

Does chantecaille contain parabens?

Chantecaille products are cruelty-free. All skincare products are free of parabens, palm oil, synthetic colors and fragrances, and do not contain any sulfate detergents, phthalates, GMOs, nor petrochemicals.

Is chantecaille good for aging skin?

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