Who is rap cartel?

Who is rap cartel?

Cartel is a 1995 Turkish hip hop CD project involving three groups of rappers from different German cities, which received attention and popularity in both Turkey and Germany….Cartel (rap group)

Origin Turkey, Germany
Genres Rap, hip hop, world
Occupation(s) Singer performer
Instruments Vocals

What happened to Cartel de Santa?

MEXICO CITY — Eduardo Davalos de Luna, lead singer of the popular Mexican rap group Cartel de Santa, killed one of his band members over the weekend in a shooting that he says was an accident.

Where is El Babo from?

Nuevo Leon, MexicoBabo / Place of birth

Is MC Babo in jail?

In January 2008, Babo was released from jail after nine months incarceration, after the group paid a bail of about 130,000 pesos. In May 2018, nude photographs of MC Babo were published on the internet.

What happened to Babo?

Who is El Tigre and what did he do?

He was the plaza boss for Nuevo Progreso and had been the head of the CDG enforcement group in Matamoros known as Escorpiones. In the criminal underworld, El Tigre is the first cartel figure to break from the traditional corridos and had the mainstream rap group Cartel De Santa record a song about his exploits.

What is the Gulf Cartel and why is rap music thriving?

However, in the last decade, a modernization of the practice has flourished in rap music, specifically concerning the Gulf Cartel along the Texas-Tamaulipas border, in tandem with cartel infighting and the Mexican government’s crackdown on gang violence and drugs.

What is the Gulf of Mexico drug cartel fighting for?

The Gulf of Mexico drug cartel has been engaged in a bitter turf war for control of Tamaulipas smuggling routes into the United States with the Zetas drug cartel. AFP PHOTO/Ronaldo Schemidt

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