Why is 1944 wheat penny so rare?

Why is 1944 wheat penny so rare?

The 1944 Lincoln penny is particularly desirable in the eyes of collectors not only because of its design, but also due to its scarcity. Being that there are no more 1944 Lincolns being produced, the scarcity of these coins is constantly on the rise, thus making the coins more valuable.

What is a 1944 wheat penny worth with no mint mark?

The 1944 Wheat penny without a mint mark is worth about 15 cents. One with a “D” mintmark in Extremely Fine condition could sell for about twenty cents. If it’s Uncirculated, expect it to be priced at around 35 cents. 1944 Wheat pennies with distinctive attributes could be worth thousands of dollars.

Is my 1944 wheat penny worth anything?

How Much Is My 1944 Penny Worth? If it’s a normal 1944, 1944-D, or 1944-S cent, it isn’t worth much. They are some of the most common of common-date Wheat cents. Prices range from around 20 cents in circulated condition, to 35 cents in uncirculated.

How rare is a 1944 copper penny?

In fact, the very valuable “twin” to the rare 1943 copper cent was born in 1944….1944 Wheat Cent Mintages.

Date & Mintmark Mintage
1944 1,435,400,000
1944-D 430,578,000
1944-S 282,760,000
TOTAL 2,148,338,000

How much is a 1944 steel penny worth?

The 1944 D steel cent is worth nearly $34,000 in average condition. In an August 2007 auction, a 1944 D Lincoln steel cent graded in MS63 sold for $115,000, according to PCGS. As for the 1944 steel cent without a mintmark, it is worth more than $28,000 in average condition.

Are 1944 Wheat pennies worth anything?

How many 1944 steel Wheat pennies are there?

There are probably 25 to 35 Philadelphia Mint steel cents from 1944 in existence. Just two 1944 San Francisco Mint steels are known. The consignment by Bob Simpson of the PCGS graded MS-66 1944-S commands attention. The only other known 1944-S steel cent is in a PCGS genuine holder.

How rare is a 1944 steel penny?

All steel cents with the 1944 date have reported mintages of under 40. While they are all quite rare, the 1944-S is the most valuable of the three – with a reported mintage of just two. Meanwhile, many coin experts believe there are a few that have yet to be discovered.

How do you clean a 1944 wheat penny?

Cleaning your old coins with gentle dish soap and water can loosen some of that built-up dirt. Fill a small plastic container with warm water, add a few drops of mild soap, immerse the coins, and rub with your fingers or a soft toothbrush to clean.

Are 1944 wheat pennies worth anything?

Where can I sell my Wheat pennies?

Where to Sell Wheat Pennies

  • Local coin sellers. The first place to start when you are looking to sell your wheat pennies is to visit the shop of a local coin seller.
  • Auctions. You can sell your wheat pennies at auctions if yours is a rare coin/collection.
  • Online websites.
  • Coin shows.
  • Pawn shops.

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