Why is Pabna famous?

Why is Pabna famous?

It lies along the Ichamati River, which is a tributary of the upper Padma River (Ganges [Ganga] River). An industrial centre, Pabna has mills for jute, cotton, rice, flour, oil, paper, and sugar. It also produces pharmaceuticals. Hosiery and hand-loomed products are important cottage industries.

How many upazila are there in Pabna?

9 upazilas
The districts consists of 9 upazilas, 8 municipalities, 81 wards, 191 mahallas, 73 union parishads, 1321 mouzas and 1540 villages.

Where is Pabna situated?

Pabna (Bengali: পাবনা) is a city of Pabna District, Bangladesh and the administrative capital of the eponymous Pabna District.

What do you like about Pabna district?

Pabna District (Bengali: পাবনা জেলা) is a district in central Bangladesh. It is an economically important district in Bangladesh. Its administrative capital is the eponymous Pabna town….Pabna District.

• Total 2,523,179
• Density 1,100/km2 (2,800/sq mi)
Literacy rate
• Total 46.7%

What are special in Pabna?

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Pabna

  • Hardinge Bridge.
  • Chatmohar Shahi Mosque.
  • Khetupara Zamindar Bari.
  • Anukul Chandra Satsang Ashram.
  • Jor Bangla Mandir.
  • Chalan Beel.
  • Hemayetpur Mental Hospital.
  • Iswardi railway station.

Who is the mayor of Pabna?

Sharif Uddin ProdhanPabna / Mayor

What is the postcode of Pabna?

6600Pabna / Zip code

What is the post code of Pabna district?

6600Pabna District / Zip code

Who are some famous people from Pabna district?

Pages in category “People from Pabna District”

  • M Hossain Ali.
  • Syed Haider Ali.
  • Aminul Islam Badsha.
  • Anukulchandra Chakravarty.
  • Rawshan Ara.
  • Azizul Huq Arzu.
  • Khodeza Azam.
  • Masum Aziz.

Who is the founder of Pabna Mental Hospital?

Mohammad Hossain Ganguly
The mental hospital was founded by Mohammad Hossain Ganguly in the village Hemayetpur in Pabna District. The Civil Surgeon built the hospital in 1957 at the Shitlai Landlord’s palace in the city. After 2 years, the hospital was relocated.

How do I admit to Pabna Mental Hospital?

You can also contact – 0731-66231 . How to Admit Pabna Mental Hospital? Admin information of pabna mental hospital you can contact 0731-66231, 02588845581, 02588846231, 01710864203 .

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