Why is the Black Mirror episode called White Bear?

Why is the Black Mirror episode called White Bear?

After the pair were arrested, Iain committed suicide in his cell, while Victoria was sentenced to undergo daily psychological punishment at the present facility, which is called White Bear Justice Park after a white teddy bear that Jemima owned.

What is the story of White Bear?

“White Bear” tells the story of a convicted child murderer*, Victoria, who is kept permanently at White Bear Justice Park, an entertainment facility of sorts where ordinary folks can visit and watch her go through a scripted action story in which actors are employed to frighten her and put up a show for the audience.

What did Victoria do in White Bear?

The twist is that the woman is Victoria Skillane, who was arrested for recording the murder and torture of Jemima Sykes at the hands of Victoria’s fiance, Iain Rannoch. Victoria is being repeatedly tortured in the White Bear Justice Park as visitors pay to watch her suffer.

What does White Bear symbolize?

As a spirit animal, the white polar bear signifies the importance of independence and the ability to trust your strength and skills to survive when the going gets tough. Polar bears also symbolize survival and determination This is because they are considered as vulnerable as a species.

What was the meaning of White Bear?

white bear in British English noun. another name for polar bear.

What did Victoria do to Jemima?

She was a six year old girl who was kidnapped, tortured and killed by Iain Rannoch and Victoria Skillaine. Skillaine recorded the killing while laughing. The crime caused immense outrage throughout the UK.

What happens Shut up and dance?

The episode tells the story of a teenage boy (Alex Lawther) who is blackmailed into committing bizarre and criminal acts by a mysterious hacker possessing a video of him masturbating. The boy is joined by a middle-aged man (Jerome Flynn), whom the same hacker is blackmailing over infidelity.

What is the white bear called?

polar bear
polar bear, (Ursus maritimus), also called white bear, sea bear, or ice bear, great white northern bear (family Ursidae) found throughout the Arctic region.

What powers do polar bears have?


  • Ice Traction.
  • Claws.
  • Cold Resistance Fur.
  • Camouflage.

What is the point of Black Mirror the entire history of you?

The episode is set in 2050 and has a “mid-century” feel based on 1950. It uses point-of-view shots to show the characters’ memories. The sex scene between Liam and Ffion was originally conceived as the characters having sex while watching an earlier sexual encounter on the bedroom television.

What episode of Black Mirror is the White Bear in?

“White Bear” is the second episode of the second series of the British science fiction anthology series Black Mirror. It was written by the series creator and showrunner Charlie Brooker and directed by Carl Tibbetts.

Is’white bear’the most’Twilight Zone-Y’episode of Black Mirror?

Jeffery commented that Black Mirror’s “roots in” the American anthology series “have never been more visible”, while Sims affirmed “White Bear” is “the most Twilight Zone-y episode of the show”, and James Hibberd of Entertainment Weekly said it could even have been an episode of that series.

What is the symbol in Black Mirror Season 2 Episode 2?

Charlie Brooker’s sci-fi series Black Mirror introduced a deeply sinister symbol in season 2, episode 2, “White Bear”; here it is explained.

What did reviewers think of the White Bear episode?

[6] Some reviewers had mixed feelings about the episode. Jane Simon of the Daily Mirror said that “White Bear” lacked the “instant emotional tug” of the series opener.

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