Are HNBR o-rings for AC?

Are HNBR o-rings for AC?

A better type of O-ring for air conditioning applications is HNBR which stands for Hydrogenated NBR (sometimes called Hydrogenated Nitrile, or Highly Saturated Nitrile Rubber, or HNB).

What are HNBR o-rings used for?

The Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (HNBR) O-ring has quickly grown in importance over the last years, due to its excellent cost-performance balance and use in highly demanding applications such as automotive, industrial applications which require high performance.

Do you need special o-rings for AC?

Black o rings are most commonly used for auto air conditioning applications. Green o rings are hydrogenated Nitrile, also known as highly saturated Nitrile, or more commonly known as HNBR.

Are nitrile o-rings OK for AC?

The green colored o-rings are most likely HNBR or hydrogenated nitrile rubber. They were introduced with the change to 134a refrigerant. They are compatible with both R12 and 134a refrigerants and their associated lubricating oils. They should be fine for either refrigerant.

What is the difference between HNBR and NBR?

NBR is an abbreviation of nitrile rubber while HNBR is the hydrogenated form of nitrile rubber. The key difference between NBR and HNBR is that NBR is a non-hydrogenated form, whereas HNBR is a hydrogenated form. Moreover, NBR has a comparatively low tensile strength compared to HNBR.

What are air conditioning O-rings made out of?

Neoprene/Chloroprene O-Ring Material The properties of neoprene make it well suited for a variety of sealing applications, including air conditioning and refrigeration.

Is HSN and HNBR the same thing?

Hydrogenated Acrylonitrile Butadiene (HNBR), also known as Highly Saturated Nitrile (HSN) is superior to NBR in low brittle temperature, heat, oil, oil additive and sour oil resistance, and is far more resistant to sour gasoline and ozone than NBR.

What are AC o-rings made of?

Neoprene/Chloroprene O-Ring Material The properties of neoprene make it well suited for a variety of sealing applications, including air conditioning and refrigeration. Available in standard black 70 durometer or custom colors.

What does HNBR stand for?

Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber), also known as Highly Saturated Nitrile (“HSN”), is special class of nitrile rubber (NBR) that has been hydrogenated to increase saturation of the butadiene segment of the carbon polymer backbone.

Is HNBR same as nitrile?

HNBR (hydrogenated nitrile, also called HSN) is chemically similar to nitrile, except the carbon-carbon double bond found in nitrile is not present in HNBR, providing temperature stability up to 325°F and resistance to atmospheric ozone and weathering.

Does the color of an o-ring mean anything?

Across the rubber industry, O-rings are not color coded. Many customers adopt a method of color-coding to help prevent mixed seal inventory. Seal materials cannot be conclusively identified by color.

Is Buna-N HNBR?

HNBR (commonly called Nitrile Rubber or BUNA-N) is a highly saturated, oil-resistant elastomer, manufactured by subjecting the unsaturated bonds in NBR (a widely used, oil- resistant rubber) to a special hydrogenation process.

What color are HNBR O-rings?

HNBR O-Rings are most commonly in Green or Black, are also avaialable in Yellow and red special compounds.

What o-ring do I need?

There are three Dimensions that you need in order to obtain the perfectly sized O-Ring for your application. These are the Outside Diameter (OD), the Inside Diameter (ID) and the all important Cross Section. Sounds simple and, to be fair, it really is. All measurements should be recorded in millimeters.

What is difference between NBR and HNBR?

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