Are tracker outboards good?

Are tracker outboards good?

CSI Awards. For the eighth consecutive time, TRACKER® has been recognized with the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award from the National Marine Manufacturers Association® (NMMA®) for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction in Aluminum Outboard Boats.

How fast will a Bass Tracker 175 go?

35.2 mph
We hit a top speed of 35.2 mph (30.6 knots) at 5900 rpm.

Is Tracker outboard same as Mercury?

Re: Tracker Outboards – Same as Mercury? Yes – there were “Mercury Trackers” and even “Mariner Trackers” but they were the same engines.

Are Bass Trackers welded or riveted?

Tracker aluminum boats are welded rather than riveted. It is generally accepted that riveted seams are more likely to develop leaks but are far easier to repair than welded seams. Tracker uses lasers for the precision fabrication of aluminum parts.

Can trackers go in salt water?

The Tracker’s just aren’t made to withstand the corrosive environment of saltwater. Within 30 to 45 days all of the screws will begin rusting as will electrical connectors, et al……… and then you’ll have more to worry about than the alum hull……..

Are Bass TRACKER Boats safe?

Bass boats are among the safest boats out there but you still need to take precautions. They are not designed for really rough or big water. Be careful at high speeds for any objections you may run into or have to dodge.

Who makes a tracker boat motor?

Tracker outboards are Mercury outboards.

Who made tracker motors?

Chevrolet Tracker (Americas)

Geo/Chevrolet Tracker
Manufacturer Suzuki General Motors CAMI Automotive
Production 1988–1990 (Japan) 1989–2004 (Canada/U.S.) 2004–2007 (Argentina) 1996–2016 (Ecuador)
Body and chassis
Class Mini SUV Compact SUV

How much is a 2020 Bass Tracker boat?

Motor Options

40 ELPT FourStroke 27-32 mph $14,695 USD
50 ELPT FourStroke 30-35 mph $15,395 USD
Mercury® Jet
40 Jet ELPT FourStroke 27-29 mph $14,905 USD

Where are bass TRACKER Boats manufactured?

BOLIVAR, Missouri
BOLIVAR, Missouri – The first Bass Buggy 16 Pontoon Boat has rolled off the line at the newly expanded TRACKER Boats manufacturing facility in Bolivar, marking a new era in the production of America’s favorite boat brands.

Can you put a bass tracker in the ocean?

Re: Bass Tracker Aluminum Boat It’s not just the hull that’s in question when using it in salt, it’s also all of the fittings that go into making a boat. The Tracker’s just aren’t made to withstand the corrosive environment of saltwater.

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