Are tunnel protectors necessary?

Are tunnel protectors necessary?

Are Tunnel Protectors Necessary? General wisdom says that tunnel protectors are necessary on any sled that utilizes a studded track. If you run a studded sled without these sliders, you risk the track ripping up the tunnel and the heat exchanger.

What does a tunnel protector do?

Tunnel protection normally consists of a plastic slide or aluminum tube that is adhered to the top of the tunnel. What they do is limit the height the track can travel and giving a bottoming out protection so the studs do not hit the tunnel.

Do you need tunnel protectors with screw in studs?

Administrator. Yes you need tunnel protection.

What is a tunnel on a skidoo?

Snowmobile tunnels are also known as running boards. You can find the tunnels on both sides of the sled, their function is to provide a place you can rest your feet as you ride. They allow you to stabilize yourself for better control as you’re riding the snowmobile.

What does a snowmobile tunnel do?

What is a Ski Doo tunnel?

What does the tunnel do on a snowmobile?

What I carry in my snowmobile?

Its suggested to carry everything from band aids, antiseptic wipes, compress dressings, splints, gauze, tourniquet, heavy bleeding pads, triangular wraps, trauma/accident report sheets, etc, etc. Make sure to keep all of this in a water resistant bag!

How do you clean an aluminum tunnel on a snowmobile?

DIRECTIONS: Spray snowmobile tunnel cleaner on dry aluminum starting from the bottom and working up. Let stand 1-5 minutes (depending on severity of oxidation). As cleaner begins to run re-treat exposed areas. Rinse or wipe off before product dries.

What do you put in a tunnel bag?

MtnPro Tunnel Bag contents:

  1. Extra goggles.
  2. Extra gloves.
  3. Extra layers.
  4. Saw.
  5. Tow system.
  6. Second shovel (hoe mode preferred for digging out sleds).
  7. Tools.
  8. Duct tape.

Is it OK to pressure wash a snowmobile?

I don’t recomend using a power washer. It puts water in places it really shouldn’t go. I learned the hard way on my first sled. I would just recomend buying a cleaner that you can use on the plastic, spray it on, scrub it as best as you can and then rinse with a hose and wipe down.

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