Can we have two context path in Spring boot?

Can we have two context path in Spring boot?

In order to have multiple context paths, you’re limited to deploying the application multiple times with that convenient property set to what you want for each deployment. However, this is resource expensive because you’re spinning up two applications for every one application you would normally spin up.

What is context path in Spring?

Simply put, the context path is a name with which a web application is accessed. It is the root of the application. By default, Spring Boot serves the content on the root context path (“/”). So, any Boot application with default configuration can be accessed as: http://localhost:8080/

How do you change the context path of a Spring boot application?

Spring Boot – How to change Context Path

  1. Properties & Yaml. 1.1 Update via a properties file. /src/main/resources/
  2. EmbeddedServletContainerCustomizer. Update via code, this overrides properties and yaml settings.
  3. Command Line. Update the context path by passing the system properties directly.

Can we have multiple context in Spring?

You can have two contexts within an application. If you have two contexts each will have its own singleton.

Can we have multiple application context?

We can have multiple application contexts that share a parent-child relationship. A context hierarchy allows multiple child contexts to share beans which reside in the parent context. Each child context can override configuration inherited from the parent context.

How do I change the context path in STS?

To change the context root of a web application that is already available in the Eclipse workspace, simply right-click on the web project and call the “Properties” action from the context menu.

Can we have multiple application context XML in Spring?

How do I use different profiles in Spring boot?

The solution would be to create more property files and add the “profile” name as the suffix and configure Spring Boot to pick the appropriate properties based on the profile. Then, we need to create three application. properties : application-dev.

Can we give same context path for multiple applications in Tomcat?

Yes, you’re correct.

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