Can you use Quotes in debate?

Can you use Quotes in debate?

Using a quotation boosts your credibility because it implies that the person you are quoting agrees with the rest of your argument. Most people do not have the ability to spontaneous offer relevant quotes to support their statements.

How do you start a debate with a quote?

You could start with: “Good morning to all of you present here. I am [name] from house [name] to speak on the topic of [title].” Should I start my debate with a quote or by greeting the audience and then adding the quote? It’s great to start a debate with a quote.

How do you quote a debate?

Cite the debate by placing the last name of the speaker being quoted inside the parenthesis at the end of the sentence. For example, a quote or information from debater Jim Anton’s argument should appear in the research paper as (Anton).

What to say in debates?

Conceding an argument

  • It’s true/obvious/evident that However.
  • While you might say that …, it’s important to remember that …
  • I agree with you that On the other hand.
  • Although/even though it is true that…
  • I agree/admit/concede that… , but we must remember that…
  • I can understand that…

How can I debate in English?

The five steps are as follows:

  1. Introduction. Express your message and why it’s important to your audience, as well as yourself.
  2. Statement of fact. Break down the general thesis of your argument into smaller parts.
  3. Confirmation, or proof.
  4. Refutation.
  5. Conclusion.

How do I introduce myself in a debate?


  1. Start by greeting your judges, teachers and the audience.
  2. Say good morning or good evening sir/madam. Never say good night at late hours.
  3. Mention the topic you are going to speak for/against.
  4. Do say have a nice day or thank you for letting me share my thoughts/opinion on the topic/matter.

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