Did Honda make a 450 rebel?

Did Honda make a 450 rebel?

The Honda CMX450 “Rebel” is a motorcycle manufactured by Honda for the model years 1986 and 1987 only. In contrast to the Rebel 250 250cc cruiser, it has a 450cc engine. The introduction of the Rebel 250 and 450 has been cited as a way for Honda to attract female riders, new to motorcycling.

How many cc is a Honda Rebel?

234 cc
It uses the same 234 cc (14.3 cu in) straight-twin engine as the Honda Nighthawk 250 standard. The Rebel is part of the CM series of cruisers….Honda CMX250C.

Manufacturer Honda
Successor Honda Rebel 300 and 500
Class Cruiser
Engine 234 cc (14.3 cu in) air-cooled SOHC two valves per cyl. straight-twin

What was the first year for the Honda Rebel?

Honda started making the Rebel in 1985, and it didn’t change much over the years. The Rebel 300 replaced it in 2017, one of the three tiddlers we flogged during our Monkey Butt 500 ride. Honda also added a Rebel 500 to the lineup, nearly identical except for engine size.

Is Honda Rebel 500 V twin?

Twin-cylinder engines are a great choice for a machine like the Rebel 500. Honda twins are famous for their versatility, and the 471cc Rebel 500’s engine is one of our best ever. The parallel-twin engine is narrow, which helps reduce overall bike size.

How fast is a Honda Rebel?

95 mph
Top Speed: 95 mph (Est.)

How many miles will Honda Rebel last?

A well-maintained Honda Rebel can run problem-free for at least 80,000 miles. Since the average motorcycle covers 3,000-5,000 miles per year, a bike with a lifespan of 80,000 miles can last around 25 years.

Is the Honda Rebel reliable?

Not only are Honda Rebels reliable, but they’re inexpensive to fix, and parts are cheap. It’s a fast, nimble, lightweight, and fun bike for a beginner to get used to, and it’s easy to back up and pick up off the pavement if you drop it, which is something every beginner does at least once.

Are Honda rebels a good bike?

The Honda Rebel 500 might be the best starter bike for any beginner rider as it is easy to ride and looks uniquely good. There are only a few other motorcycles that can offer you everything essential you need like the Rebel 500 can, especially if you are into cruiser style bikes.

Is a Rebel 500 a bobber?

The Rebel 500 comes with a bobber-inspired aspect, nice fat wheels, and an amazing riding position well-suited for a beginner.

Is the Honda Rebel 500 a bobber?

The narrow peanut tank and 30° front fork angle give the Rebel 500 a Bobber style, but the geometry is still focused on stable handling characteristics. Carrying about 40 lbs more than the Rebel 300 and sharing the exact same suspension does change the ride slightly between the two bikes.

Are Honda rebels fast?

Top Speed: 95 mph (Est.)

Are Honda Rebels good motorcycles?

Is Honda Rebel a cruiser bike?

It’s a cruiser that has the looks, style, and attitude that expresses authenticity and individuality.

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