Does Michigan Stadium have seats?

Does Michigan Stadium have seats?

107,601Michigan Stadium / Capacity

The Big House boasts a seating capacity of 107,601, but it has hosted crowds in excess of 115,000. The Big House’s largest attendance record was 115,109, set on Sept. 7, 2013 in Michigan’s 41-30 night-game victory over Notre Dame.

What sections of The Big House are the student sections?

Student Seating We all know that the student section will always be the rowdiest section in a football college stadium. This section happens to be in Section 25-33R in The Big House. Only Michigan Stadium students are allowed to sit in this section and a valid I.D. is required upon entrance.

What row do you enter Michigan Stadium?

There are up to 98 rows of seating in each section here, starting with Rows A-B at the front, then followed by numbered rows behind. On the east sideline (Sections 1-4, 42-44) entry tunnels are located at Rows 56 and 74, while the west sideline (Sections 20-26) only has tunnels at Row 72.

Are blankets allowed in Michigan Stadium?

Permitted Items: Cell phones and pagers. Small cameras (those with a lens shorter than 6 inches) and radios. Blankets and rain apparel, except umbrellas.

What is the best view on a football stadium?

The 50-yard line is the middle of a standard football field, and it provides the viewer with the most consistent viewing lens for the entirety of the game. Anywhere aligned with the center of the field is a very good seat. However, the best place to sit on the 50-yard line is around 10-20 rows up.

Can I bring a blanket into Michigan Stadium?

How much are Michigan football student tickets?

$27 per game
The student ticket price for football increases to $27 per game and $216 total ($120 need-based) for the Wolverines’ home schedule in 2022. The student season ticket prices for both men’s basketball and ice hockey will remain unchanged at $175 ($105 need-based) and $150 ($90 need-based), respectively.

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