Does Toyota make a supercharger for Tacoma?

Does Toyota make a supercharger for Tacoma?

Magnuson’s Toyota Tacoma TVS1900 Supercharger System is designed exclusively for 2016 – 2022 model years, equipped with the 3.5L 2GR-FKS V6 engine.

Can you put a supercharger on a Tacoma?

Whether it’s for the daily commute or life on the trails everyone can use some extra horsepower. Thankfully the engineers at ProCharger have developed a bolt-on supercharger kit for the Toyota Tacoma’s powered by the 3.5L D4-S V6 engine.

Does Ripp supercharger void warranty?

4) Will it void my warranty? The short answer is yes – however many dealers who have seen our system will call and actually become dealer/installers.

Why add a supercharger to your Toyota Tacoma?

Up the aggression of your pickup and take on more challenging tasks by adding one of our 2016-2022 Toyota Tacoma supercharger kits. Our superchargers are made to deliver as much power to your engine as possible. They help your engine function more efficiently and generate a higher level of power than what you can get from a standard vehicle.

When will the stage 1 system be available for the Tacoma?

This Stage 1 system is for the 2016 and later Tacoma V6 with the 3.5L V6 Engine. Other power stages are still in development. The system is in production now and expect to be able to start shipping kits early to mid December. Once we have some firm dates on some of the outstanding parts we will start accepting orders.

Is the TRD supercharger kit 50-state emissions compliance?

This TRD Supercharger Kit has received 50-State Emissions Compliance via the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Not all states require the Emissions Compliance Label but TRD does recommend ordering one.

What kind of engine does a Magnuson Tacoma have?

Everything you need to supercharge your 3.5L V6 Tacoma is included, right down to detailed step-by-step installation instructions. Order yours today and unleash the power of a Magnuson Supercharged Tacoma! IMPORTANT NOTE: Now available for all 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma’s including stock and modified vehicles.

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