How can I get Salik tag in Dubai?

How can I get Salik tag in Dubai?

The customer activates the tag before his first trip through Salik gates, through Salik Website, Dubai Drive App, Salik Smart App, or Dubai Now App….Purchase a Salik Tag

  1. 50 AED Salik tag.
  2. 50 AED for the prepaid toll balance added to the customer’s Salik account upon tag activation.
  3. 20 AED for delivery charges.

How much does Salik tag cost?

AED 120
The cost of getting a new Salik Tag is AED 100 at petrol stations. The price of Salik Tag online is AED 120. The extra AED 20 is the cost for delivery if you get it online. Prepaid toll balance of AED 50 in your account.

How do I get Salik for my car?

Purchase a Salik tag either online at or at selected petrol stations: Emarat; EPPCO/ ENOC; or ADNOC. You may also buy a Salik tag from Dubai Islamic Bank or Emirates NBD Bank.

Can I drive without Salik tag?

If you cross the toll gate without a Salik tag in your vehicle or do not have sufficient funds in your Salik account, you will be charged a fine. The fine for driving a vehicle without a Salik tag is AED 100 for the first trip, AED 200 for the second trip, and AED 400 for the subsequent trips.

What are the documents required for Salik tag?

To obtain a Salik tag, ensure you have the following documents with you;

  • A copy of the car registration card.
  • Identification documents (Emirates ID is preferred, but a Passport also works)

Does Salik expire?

Salik balance if you leave the country You cannot get your Salik account balance refunded or transferred. The balance will be kept in the card/account for five years in case of non-use, after which it will be forfeited by the RTA.

How many cars pass through Salik daily?

Fast Facts. > 450,000 vehicles enter Dubai on an average every day from other emirates, with the city welcoming 40,000 vehicles in the morning peak hours every day.

Who owns Salik?

Dubai Government
#Dubai… According to the Law, Dubai Government owns all the shares of Salik Company PJSC. The Executive Council of Dubai is authorised to determine the percentage of shares that can be offered for subscription either through an initial public offering (IPO) or private placement.

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