How can I recharge my Paytm mobile?

How can I recharge my Paytm mobile?

Online Mobile Recharge from Paytm Website

  1. Sign up to the Paytm website.
  2. Select ‘Recharge and Pay Bills. ‘
  3. Then, click ‘Prepaid,’ and the mobile operator.
  4. Enter the amount of the mobile recharge or browse all of the plans offered by the respective operator.
  5. Now, choose ‘Fast Forward’ or ‘Proceed to Pay Bill’.

Which app is best for BSNL recharge?

BSNL launches Selfcare app for customers, will help users with recharge plans and bills

  • BSNL has launched a new Selfcare app for customers.
  • The app enables users to make recharges and also with the bill payments.
  • The BSNL Selfcare mobile app allows enhanced security to users via Fingerprint authentication.

How can I cancel Paytm recharge?

To find the above details, go to the ‘My Order’ section on your Paytm App and select the order that you may want to cancel….However, once a recharge has been processed successfully, operators do not allow Paytm to cancel that order.

  1. Operator Reference Number.
  2. DTH/Mobile number.
  3. Date & Time of Transaction.

Can we use Paytm to mobile recharge I?

You can do your mobile recharge on Paytm through various payment modes in any state of India. Both prepaid and postpaid recharges can be done for various operators like JIO, Airtel, BSNL, etc.

Does Paytm charge for mobile recharge?

Paytm is charging a platform fee between Rs 1 and Rs 6 on mobile currency recharges, and utility bills such as electricity, water, and gas on receipts billed Rs 100 and above value.

How can I recharge BSNL online?

Yes, you can make a mobile recharge for your BSNL number online by using or Paytm mobile app. You can browse and select the most suitable prepaid plan and pay using your credit card, debit card or Paytm wallet.

How can I recharge BSNL 108?

2022 by allowing the maximum benefits for Voice, 3G/4G Data and SMS services….BSNL 108 Plan Details.

Particulars FRC 108 – Tariff
Local calls STD calls Rs.1/Min Rs.1.3/Min
SMS cost after free usage Local at 80Ps/SMS STD at Rs. 1.2 per SMS International at Rs 5 per SMS
Data Usage 25 paise per 10KB
Plan Extension Rs. 108

Can we refund BSNL recharge?

Due to technical limitations of the company, BSNL Validity, Migration, Special Tariff Vouchers and validity granted through recharge transactions cannot be reversed.

How can I auto recharge in Paytm?

Tap on “Link Now” button on this page and you will land on “Automatic Payments” screen in Paytm App. On “Automatic Payments” screen tap on “Update Now” option against the listed automatic payments. You will then land on Update Automatic screen where you can choose from your saved eligible cards or you can add a new …

What is top up in Paytm?

Description. No more worries of low balance in your Paytm Wallet. Simply set up automatic wallet top up and your add money to your wallet automatically whenever the balance is low.

Is Paytm charging convenience fee for recharge?

Important: Paytm neither charges nor will charge any convenience or transaction fee from customers on using any payment method which includes Cards, UPI and Wallet.

Can we recharge from Paytm Wallet?

You can get your mobile recharge online done easily & instantly with a few simple steps. With a massive customer base of over 450 million users across the country, Paytm is your one-stop destination for online mobile recharge.

How can I recharge my BSNL mobile?

How to recharge your BSNL number via PayTM

  1. Visit or paytm application on your phone.
  2. Select Prepaid on the top left corner.
  3. Enter your mobile in the dialog box given below.
  4. Select your service operator as BSNL.
  5. Choose your circle for e.g. Delhi/NCR.
  6. Enter the amount of recharge or click on browse plans.

How to recharge BSNL sim?

BSNL Online Recharge

  1. Login to your browser with BSNL Recharge portal. Open BSNL Recharge Portal at
  2. Provide your mobile number.
  3. Select State.
  4. Contact details.
  5. Captcha and Submit.
  6. Select Recharge or enter denomination.
  7. Proceed.
  8. Payment mode and Gateway.

How can I activate BSNL 153 plan?

  1. Muhammed. June 8, 2020 at 23:14. Plz send SMS text “START” to 1925 without quote, to start the data.
  2. No One. January 29, 2022 at 11:43. You can check the remaining data with *123* and then selecting current/active STV services and it will tell you how much data is left for the day, you can also use My BSNL App for the same.

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