How did the Sinaloa cartel start?

How did the Sinaloa cartel start?

The Sinaloa Cartel is a Mexican drug cartel operating out of Sinaloa, Mexico. The cartel was founded in 1989 when Mexican smugglers Héctor Palma Salazar, Juan José Esparragoza Moreno and Joaquín Guzmán Loera splintered from the Guadalajara Cartel.

How many members does the Sinaloa cartel have?

From this strategic point, the cartel distributes their product at the wholesale level to dozens of local street gangs, as much as 2 metric tons a month, in a city with over 117,000 documented gang members.

What are narco ballads?

A narcocorrido (Spanish pronunciation: [naɾkokoˈriðo], “narco-corrido” or drug ballad) is a subgenre of the Regional Mexican corrido (narrative ballad) genre, from which several other genres have evolved. This type of music is heard and produced on both sides of the Mexico–US border.

Who invented corridos Tumbados?

Cano is best known for his creation of corridos tumbados which are inspired in the traditional songs of Mexico and combine the lyrics of trap music and sometimes hip-hop. He could be considered the king of corridos tumbados because he has been recognized for his interpretation of this subgenre of corridos.

Who is the best corrido artist?

To celebrate the storied genre, here are 10 that never get old.

  • Ramon Ayala – “Tragos Amargos”
  • Los Tucanes De Tijuana – “La Chona”
  • Chalino Sanchez – “Alma Enamorada”
  • Ariel Camacho – “Rey de Corazones”
  • Paquita La Del Barrio – “Rata de Dos Patas”
  • Vicente Fernández – “Por Tu Maldito Amor”
  • Selena – “Tú Sólo Tú”

What musician was killed by the cartel?

Thirty years after his death, the deeply reported Idolo takes a personal look at the singer who was only 31 when he was found shot to death in an irrigation canal the morning after a concert in his home state of Sinaloa.

Who owns Rancho Humilde records?

Jimmy Humilde, CEO of Rancho Humilde, center, along with label artists, from left, Ovi, Junior H, Natanael Cano, Jesus Ortiz Paz from Fuerza Regida, Ramon Ruiz from Legado 7, Alex Guerra from Legado 7 and Ivonne Galaz.

Does anybody go to Acapulco anymore?

Acapulco was once a popular tourist resort, but due to a massive upsurge in gang violence and homicide numbers since 2014, Acapulco no longer attracts many foreign tourists, and most now only come from Mexico itself.

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