How do I contact expensify customer service?

How do I contact expensify customer service?

For the fastest support, please email our friendly support team at [email protected].

Where is expensify based?

San Francisco, California
Expensify also offers a business credit card called the Expensify Card….Expensify.

Type Public
Headquarters San Francisco, California , U.S.
Key people David Barrett (CEO) Ryan Schaffer (CFO) Anu Muralidharan (COO)
Revenue US$142.84 million (2021)
Operating income US$−10.25 million (2021)

Who created expensify?

David BarrettExpensify / FounderDavid Barrett is an American entrepreneur and software engineer. He is founder and CEO of Expensify, a software company that has developed an expense management system for personal and business use. Wikipedia

When was expensify founded?

2008Expensify / Founded

How many people work at Expensify?

All this, and more, has ultimately helped Expensify reach more than 10 million users and achieve $100 million in annual revenue with just 130 employees.

How expensive is Expensify?

Pricing. Expensify is free to use for up to 25 SmartScans of receipts per month. For unlimited SmartScans (plus more), pricing is as follows: six-week free trial; after that, the price ranges from $4.99 per month for individuals and starts at $5 per user, per month for groups/companies.

Is Expensify a good company to work for?

Is a good company to work for? has an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5, based on over 54 reviews left anonymously by employees. 99% of employees would recommend working at to a friend and 98% have a positive outlook for the business.

How did Expensify grow?

From the outset, this type of informal feedback has been the backbone of Expensify’s epic growth. The company grew entirely through word of mouth and relied on (and still does rely on) the candid feedback their users provide. “For years, we were just driven entirely by users explaining to us what their dream was.

Why did Expensify go public?

The primary motivation for Expensify’s IPO was to provide liquidity for investors, Schaffer said, rather than to get the company itself access to additional capital: “We have an unlimited runway as a profitable business.”

Why is expensify stock falling?

Expensify Slumps on Weak Outlook, Paid Membership to Grow Slower. Expensify (NASDAQ:EXFY) stock plunged 12% Thursday after the online expense management company projected a weaker-than-expected revenue forecast for the current quarter.

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