How do I create an event in business objects in SAP?

How do I create an event in business objects in SAP?

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  1. Go to SWO1 and give Object as BUS2080.
  2. Select SubType from Tool buttons,
  3. And provide Object Type as ZBUS2080 and you can give the same name for Object name,
  4. After select you will get a new screen with all information of BUS2080.
  5. Select ‘EVENTS’ and click new button from tools and create a new event.

How do I create an event in Business Objects?

Click on the Events Icon. the followed screen appears in the window. Once you click the New Event The Following screen appears. Here you can make selection on which type of event you are going to create.

How do you trigger a workflow in business object?

Go to SE11. Create a structure with a field which we will use in the creation of key field of a business object….Click on Start Event Tab.

  1. From Category drop down list select BO ( Business Object ).
  2. Enter the Object Type and Enter the Event of the Object.
  3. Click on Activate.

How do you delegate a business object in SAP?

  1. Create a business Object using transaction SWO1.
  2. Now take super-type as BUS2012 which you want to delegate.
  3. Save it in a ‘Z’ Package.
  4. Click on Object type and go to EDIT.
  5. Again click on Object type and go to EDIT.
  6. Now click on Methods and press create button.

How do I view events in SAP?

First process: How to find Events for a standard SAP transaction:

  1. Go to Tcode: SE37.
  2. Enter function module name: FKK_FUNC_MODULE_DETERMINE.

How do I create a new user group in SAP?


  1. To open the User Groups window, from the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose Administration Setup General User Groups .
  2. To define a new group, in the User Groups window, choose the Create Group button.
  3. Enter a name, an optional description and a type for the group.
  4. Select appropriate users for this group.

What is the difference between a workflow task and a workflow template?

A workflow can contain many tasks. It can contain simple to complex logic, with multiple steps for users to act upon. A workflow template is indeed the design-time version of your ‘workflow’ and it is type ‘WS’. A workflow instance is created when your purchase req needs release, or when your invoice needs approval.

How can I delegate PO approval in SAP?

Select the start date and time. Select the end date and time. Enter the reason you are delegating your approval authority to the user. Choose the check box to continue to receive email regarding approval requests during the time your authority is delegated to the other user.

How do you run an effective user group?

8 Steps to a Successful User Group

  1. Find co-organizers.
  2. Look for sponsors.
  3. Choose a location.
  4. Invite speakers.
  5. Stick to the plan.
  6. Keep it regular.
  7. Talk to your attendees.
  8. Get prizes for your user group members.

How do I assign a user to a group in SAP?

Launch the User Management app. In the All Users worklist, choose the Add button. A new empty row is added at the top of the list table. In the new row, enter the user names, user email, and select the user group(s) you want to assign to the user.

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