How do I get a copy of my court order in Indiana?

How do I get a copy of my court order in Indiana?

To request a copy of a court record, please use our online records request portal. Many court records can be found online on

Can you efile in Indiana?

E-filing is currently available in certain courts and for limited case types. See the E-filing rules and implementation schedule for details.

How can I get a copy of my divorce decree in Indiana?

Obtaining a copy of an Indiana divorce decree requires a party to have court approval or legal assistance from a divorce lawyer or a court official. Copies may be obtained in person from the Court Clerk’s Office in the county where the divorce was finalized, or by mail, but they are not available online.

How much do you have to make to file taxes in Indiana?

If your taxable income is $2,000 or less, then you’re not required to file a tax return with Indiana. If your taxable income is more than $2,000, then you must file a tax return with Indiana.

Why can’t I Efile my Indiana state return?

If you have only a single W-2 and you are having trouble e-filing, please check the input of your W-2. If Box 16 (State Wages) is greater than Box 1 (Wages), then it you will not be able to e-file your return.

Do Your Own divorce in Indiana?

It would be easier if you have an attorney, because the attorney is familiar with the divorce laws and with the courts. However, there is no requirement that you have an attorney to file a divorce, and if you cannot get an attorney, you can file the divorce on your own.

Are stimulus checks taxable in Indiana?

Will the federal COVID-19 economic impact payments be taxable in Indiana? The economic impact payments, otherwise known as stimulus payments, are not considered income at the federal level and also would not be treated as income by Indiana.

How long can you go without paying taxes in Indiana?

Depending on the amount of tax you owe, you might have up to 36 months to pay off your tax debt. If not paid at this point, your Indiana tax debt becomes an Indiana tax lien.

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