How do I make my iPhone 5s battery last longer?

How do I make my iPhone 5s battery last longer?

iOS 15 Battery Drain: 29+ Tips to Make Your Battery Last Longer

  1. Limit When and How Often Apps Access Your Location.
  2. Limit Apps Using Bluetooth.
  3. Turn on Low Power Mode.
  4. Use WiFi Whenever Possible.
  5. Activate Airplane Mode in Low Signal Areas.
  6. Make Sure Your Battery is Healthy.
  7. Manage Apps That Are Draining Battery.

Why does my battery drain so fast on my iPhone 5s?

One of the reasons why your phone battery dies so fast is because certain apps use up a lot of battery life while running in the background. Try removing these apps from your phone then check if the issue still occurs.

What is the lifespan of iPhone 5s battery?

The iPhone 5s has a Standby time of up to 10 days and a Talk time of up to 10 hours on 3G. Note: For additional information about charging your battery, please see the Charge the Battery tutorial. Learn more from Apple support article: Maximizing Battery Life and Lifespan.

Can you increase battery health on iPhone?

Introduced with iOS 9, Low Power Mode is an easy way to extend the battery life of your iPhone when it starts to get low. Your iPhone lets you know when your battery level goes down to 20%, and again at 10%, and lets you turn on Low Power Mode with one tap. Or you can enable it by going to Settings > Battery.

How much does it cost to replace battery on iPhone 5s?

For iPhone 5s users without a warranty or AppleCare+, iPhone battery replacement is $79. If your iPhone 5s battery holds less than 80 percent of its original capacity and you have AppleCare+, your battery replacement will be free of charge!

How do I stop my iPhone battery from draining so fast?

Ways to Reduce iPhone Battery Drain

  1. Disable Background App Refresh.
  2. Stop Using Non-MFi Cables and Chargers.
  3. Change Location Services.
  4. Update Yours Apps.
  5. Turn Off Push Mail.
  6. Dim Your Screen.
  7. Turn On Auto-Brightness.
  8. Place Your iPhone Face Down.

What lowers iPhone battery capacity?

Understanding iPhone Battery Capacity Your phone’s maximum battery capacity goes down over time. New iPhones typically come with a 100% capacity, but charge cycles and potential damage (like exposing your phone to extreme temperatures) reduce the capacity.

How do you know when your iPhone 5s needs a new battery?

It’s easy to tell if it needs replacing:

  1. Go to Settings > Battery.
  2. Tap on Battery Health.
  3. You will see what the ‘maximum capacity’ of you battery is – this is a measure of your battery capacity relative to when the battery was new.
  4. Below that is an indication of the battery’s ‘Peak Performance Capacity’.

What is draining my iPhone battery so fast?

iPhone battery draining fast all of a sudden – 10 proven fixes

  1. Check Battery Usage.
  2. Enable ‘Low Power Mode’
  3. Turn off ‘Raise to Wake’
  4. Update apps (including iOS update)
  5. Turn off ‘Background App Refresh’
  6. Disable ‘Location Services’
  7. Turn on ‘Airplane Mode’
  8. Turn off ‘vibration’

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