How do I watch YouTube on my Mac from my phone?

How do I watch YouTube on my Mac from my phone?

Cast YouTube Video on a Windows/Mac (Android/iPhone)

  1. Download the AirDroid Cast app on your Windows or Mac computer, and phone.
  2. Sign in with your AirDroid account on your computer and phone’s AirDroid app.
  3. You will need to have AirDroid Premium to cast a YouTube video from your phone to a PC, or Mac.

How do I share my Mac screen remotely?

How to Share Your Screen on a Mac Remotely

  1. Open Spotlight on your Mac.
  2. Then type Screen Sharing into the search bar and hit enter on your keyboard.
  3. Next, type the Apple ID of the user’s computer you are trying to access remotely and click Connect.
  4. Then click Connect.

How do I watch videos while working on my Mac?

If you’ve got a movie saved to your Mac, there’s no better way to watch it while doing other things than PiP. Simply start the movie and select the picture in picture setting in the iMovie app to have it at the lower right corner of your screen hovering while you work. Streaming on the side.

Can I control YouTube on my computer from my phone?

You can control YouTube on PC from your phone using screen-mirroring apps, Android Emulators and even some apps from Microsoft Office. All you have to do is install these apps and connect your phone to your PC to enjoy watching YouTube on the bigger screen of your computer.

How do I control YouTube from my iPhone to my computer?

2 Answers

  1. Go to settings -> Pair a Device (on the sidebar, on the PC)
  2. Put the pair code from your PC into the pair box on the phone.

Can I control my computer with my iPhone?

Chrome Remote Desktop All you have to do is to download it on your iPhone and install the Chrome Extension on your PC. Once you install the Chrome extension, connect it with your iPhone and you’ll be able to control your PC. The app projects your PC screen on your iPhone or iPad, so you can easily navigate through it.

How can I play YouTube in the corner of my computer?

Load YouTube in Chrome and start playing a video. Then, tap the Full-Screen icon to the video pane’s lower-right corner to switch it to full-screen mode. Exit to the Home screen and the video should start playing in PiP mode automatically.

How do you get YouTube to play in the background on Mac?

You can dock it to either one of the edges of your Mac’s screen. Press the Play/Pause button to play or pause the video. Click the “X” button to exit and stop playback, or select the Picture-in-Picture button to go back to the YouTube player in Safari.

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