How long do leg artery stents last?

How long do leg artery stents last?

A stent is a tiny tube we place in an artery, blood vessel, or other duct (such as the one that carries urine) to hold the tubes open. A stent is left in permanently.

What are stents in legs?

‌ When you have a blocked artery in the leg, a stents in legs procedure helps keep your blood flowing to prevent more serious health problems from developing. A stent is a tiny tube that’s placed into an artery or blood vessel to hold it open. It’s left in permanently.

What are side effects of stents?


  • Re-narrowing of your artery. When angioplasty is combined with drug-eluting stent placement, there’s a small risk the treated artery will become clogged again.
  • Blood clots. Blood clots can form within stents even after the procedure.
  • Bleeding. You may have bleeding in your leg or arm where a catheter was inserted.

What is cost of stent?

In comparison, the prices of drug eluting stents now range between ₹40,000 and ₹1.98 lakh. Similarly, bare metal stents cost patients between ₹30,000 and ₹75,000 on an average.

What is the cost of a cardiac stent?

Specific Cardiac Stent Procedures and National Cost Averages

Price Range
Cardiac Stent Implantation Cost Average $29,300 – $80,400

What is the success rate for stents in legs?

Immediate radiological success rates for single and multiple stenoses were 92.1% and 91.4% respectively, whereas the initial success following angioplasty of single and multiple occlusions was 80.8% and 71.9%. Fifty-eight patients underwent bypass surgery (n=47) or stenting (n=11) following angioplasty.

How serious is a stent?

A stent can cause blood clotting, which may increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute state that about 1 to 2 percent of people who have stented arteries develop a blood clot at the site of the stent. Doctors will usually prescribe one or more drugs to prevent clotting.

Is having a stent serious?

As with all types of surgery, coronary angioplasty carries a risk of complications. However, the risk of serious problems is small. Complications can occur during or after an angioplasty. It’s common to have bleeding or bruising under the skin where the catheter was inserted.

How serious is it to have a stent put in?

However, it is a commonly performed and relatively safe procedure done by a qualified doctor. Serious complications are rare, and the benefits of the procedure outweigh the risks. Some risks associated with carotid stenting include: Infection.

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